Jimmy P. Sweeney

Jimmy Sweeney is the president
of CareerJimmy, and author of
"The Job Interview Secret."

Jimmy has helped 19,946
job-seekers (and counting) in 25 different countries, land more
quality job interviews and job
offers in dozens of highly
competitive markets using his breakthrough job search

WANTED: Frustrated Job Seekers Looking For Breakthrough RESULTS. Give me just 5 minutes and I'll show you an extraordinary technique YOU can use on your next job interview that practically forces employers to hire you...

"Unleash My Amazing, Two-Page 'Secret Career Document' At The Beginning Of Your Very Next Job Interview And I Guarantee You Will Shoot Straight To The
Top Of The 'Must-Hire' List AUTOMATICALLY..."

Land Any Job You Desire. My remarkable, two-page 'Secret Career Document' can work a job search miracle in your life. It's the PERFECT marketing strategy when and where it counts the most... at the start of the job interview. My 'Secret Career Document' is so effective at landing job offers, don't be surprised if you're hired for a new job before your next interview is over...


Location: Calabasas, CA

Dear Job Seeker:

Imagine... the phone rings and you rush to pick it up. You quickly discover you've been chosen to interview for an amazing job you've been dreaming about for years.

You're so excited you can hardly contain yourself. You can't believe they've selected YOU to interview for this dream position.

As you start to calm down and catch your breath, reality rears its ugly head...

...it's only a job interview.

Your heart sinks and another depressing thought suddenly washes over you...

How in the world are you going to beat out ALL the stiff competition scheduled to interview for "your" dream job?

If you don't stand out like Donald Trump at a local job fair... if you can't clearly show why you're so special and unique... if you don't grab the hiring manager's undivided attention during the job interview... then you're almost certain to lose this job to a competitor with more experience or a stronger resume. Or, someone who just "handled" the interview better than you did that particular day.

And the most likely scenario?

You'll simply lose this job to the toughest competitor of all... "Dumb Luck."

Who says life is fair? The job search is one of the most UNFAIR activities you will ever have to participate in.

Welcome to the harsh REALITY of job hunting...

It's an absolutely brutal job market out there with most groups of job seekers resembling a big herd of cattle playing some sort of twisted job search "lotto game" just hoping to get lucky.

What kind of sick "strategy" is that? Talk about a recipe for repeated failure and settling for less.

Listen, whether you're looking to flip burgers at "Sally's Bar and Grill" or become vice president of a Fortune 500 company. I've got a major newsflash for you…

Before you sit down in the "hot seat" for your next job interview you MUST ask yourself the most important question of all:

"Why in the world should this company hire ME over all the other applicants?"

Because I have a better resume?

Because I dress in style and smell good?

Because I show up on time?

Because I answer questions so brilliantly?

Because I make good eye contact?

Because I shake hands firmly without sweaty palms?

Because I got a terrific new haircut?

Because I took a course on how to "ace" the job interview?

NO! With this approach you're just another
ANT in the job-seeker "ant farm." Stop milling
around! Give yourself a REAL advantage
by doing something totally UNIQUE.

The moment you get called for a job interview you're on even footing with all other applicants.

Haircuts, handshakes, fashionable clothes and an attractive smile aren't enough.

But what is?

How can you stand out from all the other applicants during the job interview process?

How can you do this so effectively that an employer feels compelled to hire you for fear of losing you to another company?

AH-HA… great questions!

You see, landing your dream job has nothing to do with memorizing twenty-one of the most popular interview questions from that "ace the job interview" book you just read.

Everyone prepares for the job interview this way. You'll ALWAYS be on a level playing field at best, even when you think you're so prepared.

The "million dollar question" remains the same:

"How can I RISE above all the other applicants
once I've landed the job interview?"


Take my two-page 'Secret Career Document'
to your very next job interview. The moment you
walk in the door simply hand your customized 'Secret Career Document' to the person conducting the interview and let the magic begin. It's absolutely astonishing what takes place.

NOTE: Can be used with amazing success for phone interviews as well.

Over the past two years, I have tested and proven the incredible job-landing-power of my remarkable 'Secret Career Document.'

How I accidentally discovered the idea behind my two-page 'Secret Career Document' and why I guarantee you'll get hired for the job of your choice in the next 27 days or less.

TRUE STORY: Jake from Atlanta lands the
job of his dreams after stumbling upon an idea
that led him to creating a primitive version
of the 'Secret Career Document' on his own.

Read the following story with an open mind. Every word is true. I leave out the last names and company names to protect the privacy of certain individuals but the following story is exactly what happened and it can happen for you too…

About two years ago, a man named Jake from Atlanta sent me an email requesting a refund for my company's product the "Amazing Cover Letter Creator." Jake had purchased it to help with his job search but ended up (ironically) landing a job hours later and had no use for it.

My secretary processed his refund and Jake replied to say thank you.

Here is Jake's email exactly as he wrote it:

NOTE: I took out the references to the "secret" that actually landed him the job by inserting [this text deleted] in its place. Also, the last part of Jake's email address has been deleted for privacy. Otherwise every word is precisely as he wrote it.

The "secret" Jake used to land his dream job was a very basic version of what I've now fully developed and refer to today as my 'Secret Career Document.'

I'll never forget the day my secretary showed me Jake's email. I was absolutely blown away! I actually shouted, "WOW! This is THE greatest marketing strategy a job seeker could ever use to get hired! What an incredible idea!!"

When my company was hiring last year, I knew if I had interviewed a person who handed me this type of 'Secret Career Document' I'd have three words to say immediately, "WOW... You're Hired!"

That's exactly why I've named this secret strategy, "WOW...You're Hired!"

The very moment I read about this technique my mind started racing with ideas, possibilities and major improvements to this 'raw' concept.

As a direct marketer and copywriting professional for the past 23 years, and a career industry insider for the past 7 years, I realized this was the single best job-landing strategy I'd ever seen... BY FAR.

I contacted Jake that afternoon and he emailed me the exact document he used to land his dream job. My jaw hit the floor as I started to review it. I felt like I'd just discovered electricity! It was that powerful.

The following week I arranged and conducted an in-depth phone interview with Jake, which I professionally recorded.

We covered everything in just under one hour. This interview is pure gold.

From this point, I used my twenty-plus years of marketing and copywriting expertise to finely-tune the basic concept into a precise, powerful, job-landing "formula" that job seekers could easily use to land any position they desired.

The 'Secret Career Document' is brilliantly simple.

Even the most frustrated, desperate job seeker can use the 'Secret Career Document' to gain full control of his or her job search.

"Jimmy, you're driving me wild with curiosity.
What exactly is this 'Secret Career Document'?"

The concept is so SIMPLE I won't reveal it here. This is not information I will share with just any job seeker. However, I will give you a HUGE hint in a moment…

Let me first start off by telling you what
the 'Secret Career Document' is NOT.

It has ZERO to do with…

  1. … your Resume or Cover Letter.
  2. It has ZERO to do with a CV or Covering Letter (for those of you living "across the pond").
  3. It has ZERO to do with a "brag book" that showcases your accomplishments or anything similar.
  4. It has ZERO to do with a letter of recommendation from a previous employer.
  5. It has ZERO to do with memorizing answers to tough interview questions and/or listing these answers on paper for review with the employer during the interview.
  6. It has ZERO to do with ANY traditional career documents or any combination of these in any way, shape or form. It's totally new, original and one of a kind.

Here's a BIG HINT:

My 'Secret Career Document' literally forces the person conducting the job interview to clearly picture you FILLING THE POSITION.

My 'Secret Career Document' compels the employer to VISUALIZE you being hired and coming to work on Monday as THE new employee.

It will not be uncommon for a job seeker using the 'Secret Career Document' to be hired on the spot OR at the end of a job interview.

Instead of hearing the typical response,
"[Insert your name here], it was very nice to meet
you, we'll be in touch." (Yeah right!) There's
a strong chance you'll hear these words,
"WOW… You're Hired!"

The moment you hand the 'Secret Career Document' to the employer the interview naturally and automatically shifts in an entirely new direction—the energy and communication now becomes 100% focused on PICTURING YOU filling the position being offered.

You will instantly surge to the top of the "must hire list" because in the eyes of the interviewer the 'Secret Career Document' immediately places you in a highly-unique position compared to all the other applicants.

YOU are naturally and seriously considered for any position you interview for. YOU become the center of attention.

The strongest resume won't win the job, your 'Secret Career Document' will.

Here's What The 'Secret Career Document'
Can Do For YOUR Job Search...

Gives you the maximum opportunity to be hired for any job you interview for. The next time you land a job interview for a position you really desire, the 'Secret Career Document' will have you standing out like Donald Trump at a local job fair!

Works like magic for top level executives, career changers, students fresh out of college… 'blue collar' 'white collar'... ANY field, industry or position you can imagine.

Gets you hired on the spot during the interview or shoots you straight to the top of the must hire list naturally and automatically.

Gives you the luxury of focusing ONLY on jobs you really desire because you will have more job offers to choose from. No more settling for any old "J-O-B."

Gives you peace of mind and confidence knowing you've got a unique and powerful JOB-LANDING strategy to use that 99.9% of job seekers will never discover… including your toughest competitors.

Allows you to relax during the job interview knowing your customized 'Secret Career Document' will take control of the interview for you.

Saves you thousands of potential dollars in lost income by slashing your job hunt up to 750% or more. Get back to work or change careers… get hired fast.

Puts you in such high regard during the interview process that employers don't want you to get away—and many times are prepared to pay you more for this fact.

Helps you outsmart, outlast and outwit your competition for the rest of your career. You'll use it for life.

Puts you back in control of YOUR job search. This will reduce stress, frustration, anger, anxiety and fear—emotions that almost every job seeker experiences at some point in their job hunt.

Instills confidence. No more job search "lotto" where you rely on luck. You'll hit the jackpot because you control the payoff. By using the 'Secret Career Document' you'll experience excitement and confidence like never before.

Sound good? It gets better…

Now, for the first time ever, you can create a customized 'Secret Career Document' for your job search in just 10 minutes flat using my fill-in-the-blanks templates and step-by-step system.

Introducing… Jimmy Sweeney's breakthrough job search system, "WOW… You're Hired!"

Create Your Own 'Secret Career Document' To Land Any Job
You Desire In The Next 27
Days… Guaranteed.

The "WOW… You're Hired!" System Includes:

WOW! Read Me First Document – You'll start here. This one page document explains exactly how to go through my "WOW… You're Hired!" system quickly, easily and step-by-step.

WOW! Audio – This is the amazing interview I conducted with Jake from Atlanta. It's about one hour long and will be the most exciting information you've ever heard regarding your job search and how easy it is to get hired using the 'Secret Career Document' and my " WOW… You're Hired!" system. You can download the audio to your computer or just click and listen from our special members-only website anytime you'd like 24 hours a day.

WOW! Audio Transcripts – Every word of the WOW! Audio has been transcribed so you can read and highlight certain areas of focus and really absorb the material.

WOW! Six 'Secret Career Document' Samples 100% Done For You – I have personally written, formatted and polished six 'Secret Career Documents' from six common career fields for you to copy and paste and slice and dice as your very own. In other words, these are yours to "steal!"
WOW! 'Secret Career Document' Fill-In-The-Blanks Template! – The HEART of this system is my step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks template provided to you in Microsoft Word format for easy customization of your very own job-landing "Secret Career Document."

WOW! Top Ten Tips – Once you're finished creating your own 'Secret Career Document' you'll quickly apply these top ten tips to make yours sizzle.
WOW! Seven Point Checklist – Finally, I'll walk you through my easy seven-point checklist to make sure your 'Secret Career Document' is perfect and ready to go to work for you!

PLEASE NOTE: "WOW... You're Hired!" is BRAND NEW and just released. Two career professionals have reviewed "WOW... You're Hired!" for the first time. You can read their comments below. We invite and welcome your comments, reviews and testimonials too. I GUARANTEE YOU this page will be FULL of amazing "WOW... You're Hired!" success stories over the coming weeks and we'd love to feature yours!

"...Exceptional...WYH simply blew me away..."

"As a career professional, I am always looking for products to promote to my visitors. Rarely, and I do mean rarely, do I find any that I would add my name to. Except when it comes to Jimmy Sweeney. Jimmy has a knack for creating products that actually work wonders for job seekers. "Wow! You're Hired" is an exceptional - very unique and results driven - product. If job seekers are looking to have a major advantage over their competitors, this is definitely the way to do it. WYH simply blew me away. I KNOW there are people out there who would love to get their hands on this. To land a job that you really want you have to set yourself apart from the others. This is not some miracle product where you click a button and the job offer follows. This is a step-by-step action plan on how to nail that interview once and for all by using Jimmy's customizable "Secret Career Document." Follow the steps and see the results. I've been waiting for a breakthrough product like this and serious job seekers would be crazy NOT to grab a copy."

Heather Eagar - Edwardsville, IL

"...I was completely blown away...I have
NEVER seen anything like this before!"

"Dear Jimmy, The first thing I did when I got your “WOW…You’re Hired” package was download the hour-long interview to my iPod… All I can say is “WOW!” For the next hour I was completely blown away… I have sat on countless teacher interview committees and have been responsible for hiring (or not hiring) teachers at all different grade levels and subject areas. I have also helped thousands of others land their dream teaching job with my ebooks, articles, and discussion panels…jobs which often have well over 500 applicants for one position… I have to tell you… “I have NEVER seen anything like this before!” If someone were to present your “secret career document” to me during an interview it would change the whole course and scope of the interview. In fact, the person who presents your “secret career document” may very well get hired on the spot! Teaching jobs are extremely tough to get these days and I can tell you with the utmost certainty that those candidates who start using this “secret career document” during their interviews will be the ones getting the jobs!"

Adam Waxler - Tampa Bay, FL

"Jimmy, this sounds almost
hard to believe but I'll admit you've got
me excited. I have two questions I'm
sure you hear quite often…"

1. If everyone ends up using the "WOW… You're Hired!" system for their job search, how effective and special can it possibly be over the long run?

2. If employers start seeing the 'Secret Career Document' all the time, won't it lose its power and uniqueness?

Great questions.

Easy answer.

There are approximately 25 million job seekers actively searching for employment at all times in the USA alone. Hundreds of millions across the globe.

Take a look at these numbers using the United States as an example:

25 million men and women looking for employment right now.

1 percent of 25 million is 250,000 (One quarter of a million).

If a quarter million (250,000) job seekers owned the "WOW, You're Hired" system there would be a ONE PERCENT CHANCE (1 out of 100) a competitor of yours would be using the 'Secret Career Document' to beat you out of the job!

Remember, that's *IF* a quarter million people owned the "WOW, You're Hired" system!

Newsflash: That will NEVER happen in this lifetime or any other.

So what do these numbers mean to YOU?

It means the chances that one of your competitors will be using my 'Secret Career Document' in your marketplace will ALWAYS be so tiny you have a better chance of finding a needle in a haystack or being struck by lightning… twice!

There are literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of career-related websites on the Internet.

99.9% of all job seekers will never visit this website. They will never have the chance to use the 'Secret Career Document' for their job search.

Thank your lucky stars you landed
here today. You have a rare opportunity
that most job seekers will never discover.

My Risk-Free Offer To You…

I have an important, brief story to share with you regarding the price of the "WOW… You're Hired!" system.

Originally, we were going to offer "WOW… You're Hired!" as a home study course that we'd ship in a big box right to your front door. This was priced at $495 plus $15 shipping and handling for a total of $510. We plan on testing this next year and when we do that's exactly the price it will be.

However, I had another idea I wanted to test first.

I got to thinking, what if we offered the entire "WOW…You're Hired!" system as an instant download to start off with? Then we could 'digitally deliver' everything in the form of PDF files (e-books), Word Documents and Downloadable Audio Files ('click and play' and MP3's). This way we could pass significant savings on to you. Plus, you would have instant access to everything from our members-only website immediately after your order was processed.

Guess what? That's exactly what we've chosen to do… for now. I cannot guarantee how long I will be offering this as a digital product, but it is available to you in this format right now.

So instead of paying $495 plus $15 for shipping and handling, the cost to you is a one-time payment of $79… which works out to a little less than .22 cents a day for a year.

If you're looking for a bargain or 'deal' take comfort in knowing this: You will never see a lower price for "WOW… You're Hired!" than $79. And you will see it priced much higher shortly.

Smart companies always test their lowest prices first before raising them. That's exactly what we've done here.

I realize this is not for everyone. I created "WOW… You're Hired!" for the serious job seeker looking for breakthrough results. And with that said, maybe you will order right now without hesitation. Or, maybe you'll leave thinking it's too expensive. Perhaps like others, you might actually be thrilled "WOW… You're Hired!" is priced high enough to keep your competition from ordering. (We've already had several comments to this effect.)

If you're like most of our customers, you will think long and hard before making this investment.

I understand.

And I have a question to ask you…

How much money would you be willing
to spend right now if you could actually
PURCHASE the job of your dreams today?

Read this question again carefully and try to come up with an actual number.

Would you be willing to spend more than $79? Perhaps you're willing to spend $500, $1000, $5000 or more? Maybe you'd even 'max out' one of your credit cards knowing you could easily pay it off as you started receiving paychecks from your new job?

I ask you this question because if you'll stop and think about it for a moment (and especially when you read and listen to my 100% money-back guarantee below) you'll realize this is precisely what I'm offering you today…

How to "purchase" the job of your dreams for $79 — 100% guaranteed and risk free.

For every day that passes by…
your job search is costing you money.
The only question is… how much?

I can make an argument stronger than titanium that by NOT ordering the "WOW… You're Hired!" system, your job search will eventually cost you much more than $79 with no guarantee of ever landing anything.

And let's say you're hired for a fantastic higher-paying job right away using "WOW… You're Hired!" and my 'Secret Career Document' strategy: Did it end up costing you money? No, it actually made you a lot of money.

It's an investment in your career with the potential for a huge payoff with no financial risk to you whatsoever.

The bottom line is that your job search takes time. Time is money. How much time and money will you spend searching for better employment? Will you land a great job next week? Or, will your job search cause you more stress and frustration dragging on for months and months?

When you finally land that "dream interview" will you have what it takes to land that "dream job"?

WHY should they hire you?

Show an employer a compelling reason WHY they should hire you and they will. The 'Secret Career Document' is your reason why. And it's waiting for you at our members-only website this very moment.

The choice is yours. I'm not here to "hard sell" you. I'm merely providing you with the facts to help you decide. The "WOW… You're Hired!" system and 'Secret Career Document' strategy—in my expert opinion—is the strongest JOB-LANDING formula ever created. Period. And 99.9 % of the job-seeking population will never know it exists, creating a HUGE advantage for you.

You have this opportunity right now. If you'd like to take full control of your job search and are truly sick and tired of playing the job search "lotto" game, then…

"WOW… You're Hired!" is the answer.

And whatever you decide today, please do not leave without reviewing my money-back guarantee below. It's unlike anything you've seen online and I think it will help with your decision.

Also, I'd like to mention that if you place your order today, you'll receive 3 Free Bonus Gifts to thank you for putting your trust in me and my company, CareerJimmy. These are time-sensitive bonuses that can be taken down at anytime because two of them are products we've created to sell individually on their own websites (under construction) in the near future. For now, I've added these as free bonus gifts for you and they are exceptional.

3 Free Bonus Gifts—Yours To Keep
Guaranteed—Only If You Place Your Order Before Midnight Tonight Just For Trying Jimmy Sweeney's "WOW…You're Hired!" System Today.

Free Bonus Gift #1 ($200 Value)

One FREE Personal Review And Critique Of Your
'Secret Career Document' By Jimmy Sweeney!

As you can imagine, this very special bonus is ONLY being offered for a short time. Simply put: If you are reading this, I'm still offering it. But it will be taken away soon.

I will personally review and critique your finished 'Secret Career Document' and send you an email with my thoughts and suggestions. This is a $200 value.

I am offering this incredible bonus for a short period of time for two reasons.

1. My company, CareerJimmy, has just released "WOW…You're Hired!" and I want to see some of the very first "Secret Career Documents" being created.

2. It’s the perfect way for me to give and receive feedback so I can continue to improve the "WOW… You're Hired!" system for you.

If this bonus alone doesn't have you racing to place your order then you might want to check your pulse!

Free Bonus Gift #2 ($39.95 Value)

"7 Little Known Secrets You Can Use To Land More
HOT Job Interviews Next Week. "

I've always said, "Nothing happens until you get the job interview!"

If you're going to use the "WOW… You're Hired!" system and 'Secret Career Document' to get hired for the job of your dreams, you've got to land that all-important job interview first!

You must get your "foot in the company door."

You're about to discover seven incredible strategies most job seekers don't know (and will never find out) about how to attract job interviews like a magnet.

I reveal seven powerful secrets you can use to get the "lion's share" of quality job interviews in any field... any market… anytime… anywhere.

You'll discover how to…

Dial an interview

Think outside the computer screen

"ASK" and you shall receive

Make your "net" work

And much more!

Free Bonus Gift #3 ($79.95 Value)

"KILLER" Job Search Secrets.
(In a minute, you'll see why I gave it this title…)

Kevin Donlin – World's Top Resume Expert

Jimmy Sweeney – Amazing Cover Letters

Carole Martin – Monster.com's #1 Interview Coach

There's a good story behind this Free Bonus Gift. When my friend and colleague Kevin Donlin asked if I would take part in a special conference call late last year he began his email to Carole and me by writing this:

"Jimmy, Carole, would either of you be interested in recording a conference call where each of us reveals our best job search tips within our expertise? The tips must be so strong that we would only reveal these to our closest friends and family. We'd have to "kill" anyone else that found out about these secrets! Kidding aside, that's the quality of information I'm looking for here. Each of us can then use this "killer" information exclusively for our best clients, etc. Please let me know if you'd like to be part of this ASAP. Thanks." -Kevin

Kevin's sense of humor definitely grabbed our attention in this email! Carole and I both said yes. Shortly thereafter, we recorded this special conference call. Now for the first time ever, I'm including the word-for-word transcripts of this call as a bonus to all my "WOW… You're Hired!" customers.

Two resume secrets that Kevin reveals here are absolutely priceless.

NOTE: I've never shared these transcripts with anyone. You get everything. Not one word is left out. You will strike job-search gold in these pages. But please be forewarned: This is a very limited bonus that may be taken down at any time.

Click here for instant access to the "WOW... You're Hired!" System

100% Money-Back Guarantee

(With the famous CareerJimmy "twist")

I want you to have complete confidence and peace of mind in doing business with my company, CareerJimmy.

Here is my 100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee:

You have a full 56 days to use the "WOW… You're Hired" system risk-free. If for some reason you feel it does not deliver everything you want and expect, or you are not thrilled with your purchase in every way, I want to know about it. Simply write an email stating you'd like your money back. I'll issue you a refund right on the spot. And here's the special twist: I will let you keep the entire "WOW…You're Hired!" system anyway! Yes, you read that correctly. PLUS, you will also keep the, "7 Little Known Secrets To Landing More Job Interviews," the transcripts of our private one-time teleconference titled "KILLER Job Search Secrets" and my " FREE Personal Review And Critique Of Your 'Secret Career Document' all as bonus gifts to you.

Why in the world would I make you an offer that seems almost crazy? Simple: I have been in business for many years and the one thing I have discovered is that most people are honest and have good intentions. So I wanted to make you an offer today that is truly irresistible. I think I've done that. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose, and the job of your dreams to gain.

Please try "WOW… You're Hired!" today and see for yourself just how remarkable my 'Secret Career Document' is at landing you multiple job offers.

How To Get Started
Right Now...

When you click on the blue order link below, you'll be taken to my 100% risk-free trial order page that will summarize what you get with your order today. Once you decide "yes" you will click the order button at the bottom and be taken to a secure order page for your credit card information.

We use CLICKBANK - The trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. Your order information is completely confidential. Only CLICKBANK and your bank access the information.

Your order is processed immediately and you'll get a receipt for your $79 purchase with a transaction number. You will automatically be taken to our members-only website where you can download the "WOW… You're Hired!" system and Bonus Gifts in just a few minutes. You will have instant access from your computer 24/7.


I want to thank you for visiting today. I am genuinely excited for you and would love to hear your "WOW… You're Hired!" success story. Please share it!

Warmest regards,


Jimmy Sweeney
President and Founder, CareerJimmy

P.S. – FAIR WARNING: Please do not be surprised if you return to this page and find the price has more than doubled. This will happen when we offer "WOW…You're Hired!" as a 'print' home study course for $495 plus $15 shipping and handling. Right now "WOW… You're Hired!" is being offered in digital format. You'll have instant access to everything at our members-only website for a one time payment of $79. This is the lowest price "WOW…You're Hired!" will ever be offered for.

P.P.S. Please Remember: This is a 100% risk-free offer. "WOW…You're Hired!" and the 'Secret Career Document' will get you hired or it's FREE. You're backed by a 56-Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

P.P.P.S – As of today, we are still including all 3 Free Bonuses – You get my "FREE Personal Review And Critique Of Your Secret Career Document," plus "7 Little Known Secrets To Landing More HOT Job Interviews Next Week," and the transcripts of our private one-time teleconference titled, "KILLER Job Search Secrets" all as free bonus gifts to you. Plus, FREE lifetime product updates for "WOW…You're Hired!"

P.P.P.P.S - Quickly and Easily Download "WOW... You're Hired!" to your computer. Listen to the WOW! Audio, review the step-by-step formula. Then, create your very own 'Secret Career Document' in just ten minutes flat. Use "WOW…You're Hired!" for the rest of your career. And keep in mind that your investment here today is a business purchase to help with your job search. This should be 100% tax deductible. Please check with your accountant of course, but I think you'll agree, it's a fantastic additional benefit.

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