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After job interview is no time to relax, kick back and wait for the job to come to you. You've already prepared ahead of time, researched the company, practices your answers, and given your best effort in the interview itself. So why would you stop doing everything and anything in your power to your dream job after the interview? There are still plenty of things you can do to improve your chances of getting called in for a second interview and getting picked for the target position––things that you may have to do for quite a while before the job is officially yours. After all, it often takes quite a long time between the job interview and the hiring of the new employee.

It's not uncommon for companies to wait weeks or even months after the job interview to finally pull the trigger on making the hire. That doesn't mean the candidates don't excite them, either. Many times hiring decisions require the coordination of several factors. A budget, promotions, firings, inter-office politics, company reorganization––any number of factors can keep job applicants waiting in limbo while the company reps makes up their mind on whether or not to move forward, and with whom. Sometimes the holdup is as simple as key decision makers being on vacation. If three or four people need to confer and sign off on a hiring decision, and they all have overlapping vacations, that decision might not get made for six to eight weeks.

Your After Job Interview Strategy

The longer it takes for the hiring after the job interview, the more perilous your chances become for getting the job. Over those weeks, the memory of your great answers in the interview will naturally fade. Other candidates may come in and be fresher in the interviewers' minds than yourself. The interviewers might begin to wonder if you are still interested after the weeks go by, and be reluctant to reach out to you because you might have lost interest. The way to prevent these things from happening is to act out a strategy designed to keep yourself at the top of their minds for as long as it might take to hear their final decision.

The first step of the after job interview action plan is to write a thank you note expressing gratitude for the meeting and continued interest in the job. In that note, also express your willingness to re-engage in conversation about the job at his or her convenience. In addition, include some tidbit of information the interviewer would find interesting, indicated by the content of your conversation, or from the notes you jotted down immediately following your talk. This gift may take the form of a link to a publication about a topic you discussed, or some other simple piece of information. By presenting this gift to the hiring manager, you make yourself a welcome contact in the future and you can continue to reach out to the interviewer as many times as you need to before a final hiring decision has been made.

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