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After the job interview, you should want to do what you did before the job interview and during the job interview: Take the steps necessary to make yourself the best choice to get the job. Walking out of the target company and waiting to hear back from the interviewer does not fit that category. Neither does simply writing a thank you letter and then waiting to hear back. In order to make your time after the job interview as productive as the interview itself, you should take steps to engage the interviewers in a welcome, respectful, positive manner immediately after the interview and continue to engage with them until the position has been filled, either by you or another candidate.

The problem with holding back and waiting for the target company after the job interview is that it often takes weeks or even months for the decision makers to come to their final choice for the open position. Many times this is because they don't have a sense of urgency to fill the job just yet. Other times it's because the company rep isn't sure exactly who or what he or she is looking for in the hire for the position. Another explanation might be that key decision makers can't be reached for long periods of time, or that some office politics might be standing in the way of the hire. Whatever the reason, if the process drags on for too long after your interview the impression that you made on the target company begins to fade and the interviewers you spoke to forget about you.

Steps to Take After the Job Interview

To prevent this from happening to you, immediately after the job interview write some notes about the people you talked with and what subjects you discussed. Think about the conversation you had and the subjects, either during the discussion of the company or during personal chit-chat, that seemed to be of the greatest interest to the interviewer. If your time with that interviewer has given you enough information to know what he or she is most interested in, then you have a key to make a strong relationship over time with that individual that could promote your chances of getting the target job.

After the job interview, send everyone who you spoke with a quick thank you note for the time they spent talking with you. Express your continued interest in the position and offer to speak or meet with them again if needed. Now think about the subjects that you've decided are the most important to that person. Imagine that you've got a good friend with those interests. What kind of information, tip, contact name or article link would that person appreciate? Add that to the thank you note. By offering that informational "gift" you make your correspondence valuable to the recipient, and open the door to contacting that interviewer periodically about the position until it has been definitely filled.

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