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Job interview thank you letters improve your chance to get a dream job for several reasons. In the first place, writing a thank you letter demonstrates your courtesy and appreciation for what other people do for you, which is a refreshing change for most managers to see these days. In the second place, a thank you letter offers an opportunity to make another personal contact, and remind the interviewer who you are and how much you are interested in the position. In the third place, if properly executed, the job interview thank you letter can be a way to continue to demonstrate your intelligence, selflessness, and enthusiasm for the duties of the job.

Basic job interview thank you letters should start with a greeting, thank the interviewer for their time and efforts, reiterate an interest in the job and end with your signature. They can be strengthened if the candidate takes extra time and prepares beforehand by jotting down notes about each interviewer and the topics that he or she covered in the interview. The candidate can then take those topics and do some research online for relevant articles which the interviewer might find interesting or useful. When the candidate emails or mails in his or her thank you note, he or she then makes a small "gift" of that article or information to the interviewer, along with a line that says "I really enjoyed speaking with you about (blank). Here's an interesting article that I came across about that subject. Thought you might want to take a look at it."

More Follow-Up Job Interview Thank You Letters

These job interview thank you letters don't need to be only sent immediately after the interview. Some positions take weeks and even months to fill, as the company has to look at other candidates and work around the schedules of the hiring decision makers. The last thing you want to have happen is for your candidacy to get ignored for a couple of weeks or months, while other candidates come in and become fresh on the minds of the hiring managers. The solution to this problem is the follow-up to the follow-up letter, and a sustained, low-key attempt to remain in the target company's attention.

At no point in writing the job interview thank you letter or following up do you want to become a pest or make the hiring manager think you're a stalker, or that you're behaving inappropriately, but as long as you are respectful, there is no reason not to continue to express interest in the position until it is filled by you are someone else. Many times, in situations where the position takes some time to fill, the employers assume that the people who they spoke to at the beginning of the process are no longer interested by the time a decision gets made. By continuing to send expressions of interest, combined with "gifts" that you believe the other person will find interesting, you make sure you are considered until the very end.

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