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Tips for job interview success fall in a couple of categories. First, there are the tips for before the job interview. At that time, the most important thing a candidate can do is learn as much as possible about the opening. This means not only looking at the job description, but also researching the industry, the company, the department, and the environment and decision maker of the target position. After all, the purpose of the interview is to determine if the candidate is the best possible fit for the opening. The more information the candidate can find about that position the more likely he or she is to be able to make a convincing case for getting the job.

Another category of tips for job interview success is what the candidate should do with that information. This research should give the candidate a fairly comprehensive idea of what the target company is looking for in terms of skills, characteristics, and personality. Now the candidate should think of how he or she will display those aspects to the interviewer. As a general rule, that will take place by describing incidents and situations in which the candidate achieved success using those characteristics, skills and traits. Typically, this will occur when answering the hiring manager's questions. If the interviewer is unskilled or doesn't think to ask the right kind of questions to elicit the candidate's best examples, the candidate should be ready to volunteer essential information when appropriate.

More Tips for Job Interview Results

Tips for job interview success that are useful on the day of the actual interview include having your clothes ready ahead of time, printing up directions to the office so you arrive on time, and reading the newspaper that morning in case the interviewer wants to make small talk about current events. When you arrive in the hiring manager's office, wait to be directed to a chair and allow the interviewer to start the conversation. During the interview, be honest, maintain eye contact, and use a little humor to enliven the conversation.

Tips for job interview success for after the interview include jotting down immediately after the interview, contact information and topics covered. This information will be used for sending a thank you note to whomever you spoke to on the day. In that note thank the interviewer for his or her time and energy, express continued interest in the position, and offer a willingness to speak again whenever the interviewer would like. As an added bonus, refer back to the subjects that were covered in the interview and include a link to a related article which the interviewer might find interesting. This will demonstrate attention to detail, intellectual curiosity, and generosity. This kind of note can be sent every two weeks or so until the position is filled to keep the employers from forgetting about you in what could be a long hiring process.

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