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The secret to the correct ,answers to job interview questions is so obvious that it is no secret at all. Basically, interviewers have an idea of what they need the new hire to do on the job, both initially and as his or her career progresses. In fact, in most companies, the hiring managers not only know what they need from the new employee, but how to motivate the person––since it is likely that they had that same position at one time in their career. So each question they ask the candidate more or less covers the basics: "Do you feel capable of doing the job in question either immediately or in the near future?" and "Are you a candidate we can work with closely for the foreseeable future?" Your answers to such job interview questions should be clear and precise. "Yes, and here's why."

These answers to job interview questions will be easier to produce if you know what the interviewer will ask. The best way to do that is to know what experience and expertise the interviewer believes will demonstrate your ability to do the work either now or in the near future and what personality traits and attributes would make that interviewer want to work with you. Luckily, you don't have to rely on pure guesswork for this information. It is all available to you with a little bit of research. Information about the requirements of the job can be found by reading the job ad, getting a copy of the job description, and talking with people who are familiar with the industry. Don't overall any one of these valuable resources.

More Answers to Job Interview Questions

The answers to the second kind of job interview questions, the ones that reveal your personality and character attributes, can be learned through informal research. Find people who have worked in the target field or industry or company. Go to unofficial discussion boards online where people speak honestly about corporate environments and jobs. Ask them what kinds of people succeed. Discover what the environment is like and what kind of people fit in best. Find out what the true day-to-day requirements are for the job, how people really spend their time and energy working for the company. Chances are these real-life, off the record job requirements are going to be the ones the interviewer is interested in.

Once you know what the job interview questions are, coming up with the answers is easy. Find examples in your past where you performed the required actions or displayed the desired attributes. When the interviewer probes that area, create a personal story about each one of those, a story that begins with the situation, describes the actions you took and ends with the positive results you achieved. Answering each job interview question with a synopsis like this will be much more vivid, convincing, and memorable than general and vague answers about your philosophies.

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