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A list of free job interview questions can provide a valuable resource for the applicant preparing for a job interview. These questions, if they are reflective of the kinds of questions the interviewer might ask can allow the applicant to spend some time practicing for the interview. This practice, if properly executed and critiqued by the candidate and other knowledgeable parties, can result in a greater confidence and performance on the day of the interview. The problem with the free job interview questions that people often use to prepare for their interview is that these questions often do not accurately reflect the questions the applicant faces. Many times, these questions are too vague and general for the specific job.

In the case of some free job interview questions, this doesn't present a huge problem. For instance, the question "Where do you see yourself in five years?" is a common question across all types of jobs and is designed to get a sense of the applicant's career goals and drive. In a similar manner, questions about your character traits or your experience in showing leadership are not job or industry specific. Questions like that could apply to just about any of the positions that an applicant is likely to interview for. The problem with most of these free job interview questions lists comes when the interviewer asks a job interview question that is directly related to the performance of the specific job duties. Then what?

Why To Make Your Own Free Job Interview Questions

The solution to this problem with free job interview questions is to make your own, tailored to the job you are applying for. If this new job is in the same job description or industry that you currently work in, this should be no problem for you. Simply do a little thinking about what your job requires. For instance, what are the challenges and problems which you face every day? What are the duties that your job requires you to do? What are the habits, characteristics or attributes that contribute to success in your job or field? Now try to imagine the questions which would prompt you to describe and reveal the times when you showed those attributes, demonstrated those abilities, performed those tasks.

Those questions that you come up with are the free job interview questions that you should prepare yourself to speak about. If the job and field that you are applying for are different from your current occupation, then you may have to do some research beforehand to get the answers to those questions in mind. Once you've got your list of job interview questions formulated, then you can begin thinking of answers to them and practicing those answers with a trusted guide. Compared to using a list that you obtained from a book or Internet, you will find that your responses are more thoughtful, convincing, and natural because of all the prior thinking and research that you have done before formulating those questions.

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