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The first step of how to ace a job interview is to determine clearly what the target company is looking for in their ideal hire. In most positions at most companies, this information can be determined in two ways. The first way is to read the official, corporate job description and requirements. This is found in documents like the job ad and the job description. The second source of information is from the people who work in the company or the industry directly. These men and women will be able to tell you on a day to day basis what the job actually involves and what the official and unofficial requirements for success are.

Once you know exactly what the job holder is expected to do, and what attributes they are expected to have, you are ready for the second step of the process of how to ace a job interview. This step is to determine the kinds of questions you will be asked to demonstrate those attributes, and the kind of response that will do that in a convincing way. As you go over the list of required actions and characteristics, think back to your career, education, and personal history for examples of when you have met similar challenges or completed difficult tasks. As you answer the questions the job interviewer throws at you, you will want to refer back to these incidents as often as possible. Doing so will be much more convincing than espousing those same characteristics in a theoretical or hypothetical way.

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The last step toward knowing how to ace a job interview is to practice your answers. The more you are able to respond to questions with examples from your past, complete with situation, actions you took and results you achieved, the better you will perform in the interview. If possible get a friend to help you by performing a mock interview using the questions you know will be asked. If you have access to a video camera, then use it to record your responses and go over them as if you were the interviewer. Have the interviewer throw surprising or unexpected questions at you, as well, to get you used to thinking on your feet and turning surprise questions into strong answers.

The last step to ace the job interview is to show up on time, at the right place, looking professional and attractive. Get to the office twenty minutes early and sit in the car, relaxing and listening to your favorite music before you go in. When you do, let the interviewer tell you where to sit and allow him or her to initiate the interview. Smile a lot, be personable, and follow the interviewer's lead. Afterwards, take notes on what you talked about, jot down the contact information for the company, as well as the interviewer's name, and follow up with a thank you note.

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