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People asking how to prepare for a job interview should be specific in terms of how much time they expect to need for preparation. To one way of thinking, someone's whole life, educational history and career is preparation for a job interview. After all, when that candidate sits down for the interview, they will need to draw on all their skills and experiences to demonstrate their fitness for the job. The answer to how to prepare for a job interview is to succeed and excel at everything you do in life from birth onward. On the other hand, if the question is how to prepare for a job interview in thirty seconds from now, there really isn't much advice anyone can offer except for "do your best."

For the time period between "a whole life" and "thirty seconds from now" however, there are some definite tips to follow to prepare for a job interview. The first tip is to start researching the company as soon as possible. The point of the job interview is to convince the hiring manager of the target position that you have the skills, experience, and capabilities to fill the position. For that reason, the more you know about the target company and the target job, the more effective your efforts will be to make that convincing case. Through use of the target job description, your social network, the internet and various publications you should be able to come up with a pretty good idea of what it takes to be successful in the interview and ultimately in the job.

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The key for how to prepare for a job interview is to take your experience, skills, knowledge and personality and make a convincing case that you are exactly what the target position requires. In the context of a job interview, that typically means being able to describe times in which you encountered the challenges that the company encounters and achieved the results that the company desires. To adequately prepare for that task, you should have some examples of your successes bullet-pointed in your mind before you set foot in the interview office.

As you consider how to prepare for a job interview, bear in mind that this is actually a less daunting task than it appears. Though the range of questions the interviewer could ask is theoretically infinite, in reality the interviewer is only interested in learning how well you will be able to fulfill the necessary aspects of the job. Since you know what those aspects are already, you have a head start in anticipating what kinds of questions you will be asked. As a general rule, these questions include issues of technical competence, teamwork, leadership, attention to detail, ambition, passion for the job and other positive qualities an employer would look for.

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