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As the information technology job market evolves, the IT job interview strategy must also change. There was once a time when simply having the information technology skills would be enough to be hired for well paying, desirable jobs. After all, for many years, information technology was simply a support function for whatever business the company performed for the customers. In this environment, the IT staff was expected to keep the computers and network running, and stay out of the way of the rest of the business processes. To meet these job functions, an IT professional needed to only display his or her technological expertise on his or her resume, then convince the hiring manager that he or she could adequately perform these limited functions during the IT job interview process. This more or less simply required that the candidate demonstrate that he or she was physically presentable, and could be relied on to show up for work when scheduled. Today, however, the IT job description has changed, and with it the expectations of the IT interview.

Today, the IT job interview is designed to find the candidates capable of meeting the increased responsibilities and visibility of the IT world. In many companies, information technology is more than just a support function for the company's business, it is the company's business. Either the company specifically provides IT service to its customers, or uses advanced technology to conduct its business with the world. As a result, IT responsibilities touch upon all areas of the company's activities. Marketing, finance, HR, research and business development are all driven by the company's IT capabilities.

Higher IT Job Interview Standards

The IT job interview that candidates experience today is one designed to find the professionals who combine IT expertise with the experience and ability to meet these other challenges. Consequently, the IT job interview will cover a candidate's experience in learning new roles, taking leadership of projects, and adding to his or her skill set as required by new challenges. Going into an interview believing that the interviewer wants to simply talk about the technology aspect of the job will result in a less than impressive performance. The best way to prepare for these challenging job interview questions is to prepare yourself with examples of your successful handling of these situations.

Before you go to an IT job interview, you should have a good idea of the desired qualifications and expertise. Typically doing research ahead of time will yield these answers. A good place to start is with the job advertisement and job description. A second place is in publications and articles about the company or industry. A final source of valuable information is your social network of people who have worked in the company or industry. Between these three you should be able to determine both the hard and soft skills which the position requires. Use that information to formulate questions and answers which convincingly demonstrate that you have these skills and have applied them successfully to meet challenges in the workplace.

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