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The Java J2EE Job Interview Companion is a concise study guide of the Java J2EE computer programming language. It has been written with the purpose of familiarizing prospective job candidates with the basics of the programming language and preparing the interviewee for specific common questions that the interviewer might ask. This book represents a good way to prepare for an interview and to perform at the highest level when asked questions related to skills, experience, and knowledge. If you are applying for a job in which the use of Java J2EE is needed, purchasing this book is a smart investment in your job search success.

If you are not applying for a computer programming job, the format of the Java J2EE Interview Companion can teach you a lot about what it takes to prepare for a job interview. By applying some time and energy to your own job and field, you can create a similar guide for yourself, one that helps you prepare for your own interviews. The way to do that is to spend some time thinking about what the target job that you hope to attain requires of a professional in order to be a success. If you don't know already, then you might have to do some research. The job description written up for the target position is a great place to start learning about what is necessary to do that job, and the job advertisement offers a clear description of the requirements the target position requires.

Making Your Own Java J2EE Job Interview Companion

A Java J2EE Job Interview Companion for your own field and job would take the requirements listed in the job description and job advertisement and turn those into questions that ask you to relate your experience or knowledge of those subjects. To create the answers, draw upon your experience, successes and action to devise a way of answering that question which refers back to your own experience. In addition, do some research so that you also have a good technical knowledge of the concepts and skills to add to your responses and to augment your personal experiences.

As you create your personalized Java J2EE Job Interview Companion, list some questions and responses that do not directly relate to the technical requirements of the job. The company is hiring you not only for the ability to perform the specific tasks, but for your personal traits which will allow you to learn and grow and lead during your career at the company. Asking around in your social circle and business network should give you a clue about what kinds of personal qualities the target company is most interested in, and what tends to lead to the most success in the field. Create some questions for yourself that probe those areas and create more answers that demonstrate those positive qualities––both in your current workplace and in your everyday life.

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