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It's human nature to feel nervous before a job interview. In fact, a bit of apprehension before an important meeting is good. It provides a boost in energy and ensures a better outcome. If it becomes extreme, however, it can interfere with the result you want. Luckily, there are a few things you can do ahead of time to prepare for your interview, which should keep your anxiety to a useful and comfortable minimum.

The first step to success in a job interview occurs before the interview. That step is research. When you apply for a position, do some research ahead of time to find out about the company, the department you wish to work in, and the position you want, in order to prepare yourself for writing the cover letter and resume. If you haven't done that yet, or if you did it a while ago and have forgotten what you learned then be sure to spend some time getting this information from the Internet, trade magazines and people who have already worked for that company. As you do, try to think of ways in which your skills and experiences make you capable of solving some of the company's pressing business problems. That is what the interviewer will want to find out.

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It's a waste of time to prepare yourself for specific questions in a job interview. After all, you don't know exactly what the interviewer will want to talk about. There are a couple of general areas, however, which are likely to be covered. The first is technical expertise. At some point in the interview, the hiring manager will want to know how effective you are at doing the technical part of the job you're interviewing for. The second question will focus on what kind of employee you are now, and how you are likely to grow and develop in the future. The third might cover the kind of person you are and how you'll be around the office on a daily basis. This has to do with your attitude and temperament.

Knowing ahead of time that the job interviewer will cover these three areas gives you the chance to think ahead and plan your responses. Write down those three questions and think of some bullet point answers regarding how you will reply. In addition, come up with specific examples of how you displayed the positive characteristics that you are attributing to yourself. Even if you don't get asked that specific question, you will be able to naturally work in some of those examples. Above all, be sure to be honest and down-to-earth. There are so many other candidates who will be spinning, lying and puffing themselves up that someone who confidently presents the truth will be very refreshing to the interviewer.

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