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Anyone who promises to provide you with a set of foolproof job interview answers for every question is wasting your time. There are, however, some patterns to common job interview questions that you might encounter. In a similar manner, there are patterns to the job interview answers that will get the results you want. The best job interview answers have a similar purpose: letting the employer know what you offer the company. Also remember that successful job interview answers include specific and concrete examples from real life.

Job interview answers that tell the company what you have to offer them go right to the heart of the reason why you are being interviewed in the first place. After all, you aren't there because the interviewer is interested in you as a tennis player or golf buddy, or is curious about your life goals. You are interviewing because the company representative knows the need and thinks you might be able to fill it. The more you focus on that ability to, the more interested the interviewer is going to be in what you have to say and the more likely you are to get the job. Due to your research on the company and the position, you should go into the interview with a pretty good idea of what is important to the company, and what the hiring manager is looking for in the individual he selects. Use this information.

Give Specific Job Interview Answers

Job interview answers that refer back to specific examples from the interviewee's job history tend to be more vivid, more memorable and more convincing than answers which take a general and abstract form. Think about if you asked someone if he or she were good with details. A general and abstract answer would be something along the lines of "Yes. I love details. I'm obsessive and take care of every single one, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant it is." That answer doesn't seem very convincing, does it? As a matter of fact, it seems a lot like the kind of answer someone would give who is lying or trying to placate the questioner.

If, however, the job interview answers refer back to a specific and concrete example, they have a more persuasive impact. For instance, the following response to the same question. "Yes. I've learned to be detail-oriented, especially during my work as a commercial aircraft repairman. In that job, neglecting to tighten a single screw could doom hundreds of innocent fliers to a fiery, violent death. As a result, I make sure to check every detail in everything I do." So as you go into a job interview, keep in mind that every company wants an employee who offers technical competence, passion, intellectual curiosity, leadership, teamwork, conscientiousness and so on. Have some job interview answers in mind to display these characteristics, along with some specific examples from real life which could result in winning the job.

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