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Choosing job interview attire is something that beginning job seekers spend a lot of time and energy on, before they realize just how easy it really is. As a rule of thumb, the best way to determine what you should wear is to learn what the other people in the environment, the ones who have already been hired, are wearing. Your job interview attire should be one step more professional than theirs. After all, you are the one who is hoping to impress them enough to get the offer and not the other way around. This means that different environments will have slightly different requirements for what to wear to the job interview.

Professional jobs which require an employee to interact with high level clients on a regular basis still appreciate it when a candidate is able to present a crisp and executive appearance. For a man, this means a dark suit, solid light colored dress shirt, a tasteful tie and black leather laced shoes. For women a stylish and businesslike skirt and jacket or pantsuit combination fulfills the same function. It goes without saying that for professional positions, the rest of your appearance should match this simple executive attire. Style your hair conservatively, and use jewelry, makeup and scent to a minimum, and of course everything on your person should be clean, neat, and wrinkle-free.

Other Job Interview Attire Suggestions

In some creative fields such as music, advertising and design, these rules may not specifically apply. To someone who works in a very creative and free-form industry like the music business, a candidate wearing a suit and tie might seem too conventional and boring to consider for the job. These exceptions are rare, however, and as a general rule it's still a good idea to dress one level up from the people already there. If you aren't sure how professional the environment is, a good idea would be to wear a suit and tie. Then if you get to the office and feel that you are far too dressed up, you can take off the tie off and stash it in your briefcase.

As a last piece of business attire advice, remember that it's a good policy to overdress for job interviews rather than under dress. If you are dressed up and look like a true professional and your interviewer does not, that's a great position to be in. Subconsciously, you will have a slight psychological power advantage over your interviewer, despite the fact that he or she is supposed to be interviewing and evaluating you. As a last piece of advice, don't sweat the attire part too much. As long as you are clean and neat and professional, you'll be fine. It's your interview answers and professional worth that will make the difference.

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