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Job interview coaching is a very productive endeavor for job candidates who have not gathered much real life experience interviewing for jobs. A job interview coach could help these candidates to prepare for professional interviews and give them the feedback they need, before the interview, to give them an edge over the competition. Ultimately, though, the value of the job interview coaching depends on the coach's experience. If you are looking for a job interview coach, consider a couple of elements when screening coaches. First, a job interview coach needs to have some real-life experience interviewing and hiring for companies, preferably in the same field as the target job.

Job interview coaching which is based upon mere theory or upon a completely unrelated field is of limited use. Sure, a job interview coach can correct your performance and your presentation skills, but really effective job interview coaching will address the content of the interviews, as well. At some point in the interview, each candidate is going to be asked for some indication of his or her skill set performing the specific duties the job requires. If the job interview coach does not understand the field well enough to be able to prepare and ask those questions himself, it is the responsibility of the candidate to provide them.

Job Interview Coaching Suggestions

During the job interview coaching sessions, the coach and the candidate should spend some time deciding the most important elements the target company is looking for in its ideal candidate. This can require that the two of you spend some time looking at the job advertisement and job description together. It could also mean together you do some networking with people and research of relevant media to learn what the corporate culture and business environment is like at the target company. Then match up the preferred profile of the ideal candidate with experiences from your profession and personal past which exemplify those characteristics. As a general rule, using these personal experiences in your answers will make you sound much more believable and experienced than giving theoretical or general answers.

In addition to preparing you for the likely interview questions, job interview coaching should include mock interviews, preferably videotaped. Your coach should use these sessions to go over your performance with you and evaluate your strong and weak points. Using that information, you and your coach should be able to develop some homework and drills to improve your weak areas and interview strategy that will play to your strengths. Finally, the coach should throw you some curve balls during the mock interviews, hitting you with questions that are unlikely to be asked in the real world but that get you mentally prepared to answer anything you are presented with. By the time your job interview coaching experience is over, you should not be surprised by anything your job interviewer presents you with in the real interview.

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