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As a general rule, a job interview guide can be broken into three main headings. First, the technical qualifications. Second, the personal characteristics. Third, the interview itself. Technical qualifications, otherwise known as the ability to perform the tasks the job requires, are the meat and potatoes of the job interview. Those are the skills which will get you into the interview, and which will make you eligible for the job. As a result, a big piece of the preparation for the job interview is to formulate the most effective strategy for taking the experience and training you have and making sure they convince the interviewers you can do the job in question.

A job interview guide would tell you that the first step in being able to convince the employer that you have the technical and experiential requirements, is to learn what they are. For that, the best sources of information are the job advertisement and the job description written by the company to display the duties and requirements of the position. By turning those requirements into questions and matching those questions to answers drawn from personal experiences, you will be able to handle this aspect of the job interview handily. Giving answers in the form of personal experiences is helpful because it makes your response seem more believable, more grounded in experience and more vivid. By comparison, answers which tend to be abstract and general sound like they are being made up on the spot.

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The personal characteristics section of the job interview guide would advise you to learn in as much detail as possible what kind of personal characteristics the job requires. The job advertisement and job description might give you some general information in this regard, but more accurate and honest information is going to come from your professional and personal network. Find people who have worked in your target position, field or even company. Ask them what their impressions were, what kinds of people are successful, and what the target company is looking for. Again, turn those preferences into questions and those questions into responses based on your personal experiences.

Last but not least, no job interview guide would be complete without advice about what to wear for a job interview and how to conduct yourself. As for clothing, the best answer is to dress like the people already working in the office, but perhaps a step up. Above all, don't wear anything that calls attention away from yourself, or overshadows your personality or accomplishments. As for how to behave, show up on time, shake hands firmly, smile, make eye contact and let the interviewer lead the conversation initially. Answer questions as honestly and completely as you can, refer to your own experience whenever possible, and after the interview be sure to make notes on what you talked about. You can use those notes later to write a thank you note to the interviewers for their time and attention.

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