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Post job interview letters, also knows as thank you letters represent an opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression. Unfortunately for many job seekers, they never take advantage of this opportunity to the degree they could. Instead they simply write a basic thank you letter, then wait to hear back from the job interviewer. There are a couple of problems with this approach. The first is that it's never a good strategy in a competitive job interview situation to do what everyone else applying for the job is doing. On the contrary, you want to set yourself apart by doing things a little better, more impressively, and in a way that shows you are more capable than your competition.

To make your post job interview letters stand out, personalize them for each recipient and make them valuable. To do this, the first step is to pay close attention to the interviewer during your job interview. As the two of you discuss the interview topics and have your personal chit-chat, look for evidence of the interviewer's main passions and interests. Maybe he or she will talk about an initiative he or she is heading up. Perhaps the talk will turn to an upcoming business trip to a city you are familiar with. Maybe the two of you happen to share some hobby or other connection. Whatever you see the interviewer getting excited about, make a note of it mentally, then on paper at the conclusion of that interview.

Your Post Job Interview Letters Strategy

Now that you know something that intrigues the interviewer, make sure that your post job interview letters include some information related to that matter. This doesn't have to be elaborate or a big deal. Just imagine that you have a friend who is interested in that topic and that you want to do something nice for him or her. So you find an article about the topic, learn the name of a contact or get hold of some informational tip the friend could use. That's the kind of thing you can include in these letters.

Adding this 'gift' to an after job interview letter along with the usual thank you and expression of continued interest in the position pays off in some big ways. For one thing, if you are the only one doing it, it shows how you are more attentive, conscientious and generous than the other candidates. Furthermore, it creates a small bond of gratitude between you and the interviewer, which makes him or her more likely to take your side in the debate on who to hire. Last and most important, it signals to the interviewer that your communications are valuable and worth paying attention to. That means that you can continue to contact the interviewer over time, no matter how long it takes for the position to be officially filled.

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