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The job interview process is the series of steps the target company decision maker will take with you as a candidate to help decide if you are the best fit for the position. Though each interview process may vary from company to company and from position to position, all have one thing in common. Each process is designed to test you in some way in the areas which the hiring managers believe will reveal your capabilities in the areas they consider the most important. The most obvious are the skills and experiences related to the technical execution of the target job. For this reason, technical expertise tests are bound to be a part of any interview process.

In addition, other valuable skills and characteristics will be evaluated as a part of the job interview process. Your workplace personal interaction style and character traits are likely to be closely scrutinized, in order to evaluate your leadership potential and ability to work with a team. Your personality type is also of great interest to your future workplace, so this will be tested too. No standardized job interview process has been universally adopted among all potential employers, so there is likely to be a bit of variation for each opening. All job interviews, however, are almost certainly going to have a face-to-face element.

Your Job Interview Process Strategy

To get an idea of what interview process you will go through, spend a bit of time researching and asking questions ahead of time. Chances are, someone at the target company will be your liaison to help you set up interviews and go through the process. Just ask this person what you can look forward to in the job interview process. That should give you a good idea of the structure of your interaction with the target company. To prepare for the content of the questions, read the job description and job advertisement to learn what duties and results the job requires. Those skills, and the character and personality traits which support them, are what the company hiring manager is going to focus on.

To take control of the job interview process, simply prepare yourself to give a convincing story for why you meet all the requirements of the job, and that you have already successfully met very similar challenges and achieved results similar to those required by the company. A very effective way of proving that is to tell the stories and give specific, concrete, vivid examples of those kinds of successes. These answers make a much stronger impression on a listener than answers which take a more general, abstract approach. If you can successfully navigate through this face-to-face portion of the job interview process then you put yourself in a strong position for the rest of your interview.

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