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Job interviews would be a lot simpler if the interviewers just cut through all the formalities and asked the candidates one job interview question: What are you able to do for the company? After all, that is the very heart of what they are trying to get at with all the other questions they ask. Unfortunately, job interviews are not that simple. At any moment, the interviewer could ask any kind of job interview question that pops into his or her head. The job candidate needs to be prepared to give his or her best answer. Luckily, the range of job interview questions is rather limited, so getting a broad overview of potential questions and answers is a very doable task.

After all, it's likely that the kind of job interview question the candidate faces will fall in one of three main categories: technical experience, workplace interactions and personality. What's more, it's possible that this question could take the form of a question that requires a short, definitive answer or is a more open-ended question designed to elicit a longer and more free form answer. This interview question could require more of an abstract generalization of an answer or a specific instance or example from your personal history. Each of these questions requires a specific strategy to ensure that your answer is as effective as possible in convincing the interviewer that you offer the company exactly what it needs.

Job Interview Question Strategies

A technical experience job interview question seeks to establish whether or not you have the technical expertise, training and experience to handle the required tasks of the job. This kind of question will depend heavily on the kind of industry you are in. A common example of this kind of job interview question is a case study, which asks the candidate to elucidate on the steps he or she would take to solve a common business problem or execute a routine business action. This kind of question is hard to prepare for. In general, either you have the technical skills or you don't. It is helpful, however, to review any training materials or books you can find so that your information is fresh in your head before the interview.

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The workplace interaction and personality job interview questions are designed to see how you will fit into the workplace, whether you will take on a leadership role, and what kind of employee you will be in the future. These kinds of questions are also difficult to prepare for, since they are about your personality. As a general rule, though, most companies are looking for a couple of key characteristics: passion, attention to detail, problem solving, leadership, dedication and intellectual curiosity. Thinking of some examples from your past for each one of these characteristics and having them ready in your mind to talk about in the interview is a good idea. Whether you are asked directly for them or not, you will have them at the top of your mind to insert into other answers when appropriate.

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