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If you are going on an interview for your dream job, you want to have some good job interview questions ready to go at a moment's notice. That's because no matter what the job or the company, when the interviewer has finished asking you everything that he or she wants to know, and the two of you have had a long, complete interview, the next thing that will come out of his or her mouth is "So, do you have any questions for me?" Many job interviewees find themselves lost at this point. Sure, they have plenty of questions in their mind, like "Am I going to get this job?", "How much will you pay me?" and "Any chance I can get another couple of weeks vacation thrown in?" but they know enough to keep these questions to themselves.

As a result, instead of asking a couple of good job interview questions, they either ask something that pops into their head on the spot or say nothing at all. Though neither one of these actions is the end of the world for a candidate, you should be trying to make a favorable impression with every chance you get. To better take advantage of the opportunity the interviewer offers you, learn about the company. It's in your best interest to have a good job interview questions strategy in your mind to help you create the kinds of queries that will make you look better not worse.

Some Good Job Interview Questions

A wise old saying tells us that "It's not so much what you say as how you say it," and that certainly applies to good job interview questions. In many cases, you can take the pressure off yourself to come up with good questions that highlight your skills, intelligence and experience by simply adopting a strategy to turn even basic questions into good questions to ask. For instance, when you are being interviewed for a job you want to demonstrate a high degree of experience in the activities and duties of that job. If you feel there is an area of your expertise that is important to the job which has not been covered as fully as you would like in the interview, you can bring it up yourself in the form of a job interview question. Simply say something like "In my current job I do (blank) by (blank blank blank). How does that compare to your processes here?"

More good job interview questions are ones that show your enthusiasm for the job, your familiarity with the company and interest in the interviewer as a person. For instance, you might ask a question like "In my research about the company, I've learned that you are particularly strong in (blank). Could you tell me what your experience has been in this area since you've been here?" People love to talk about themselves and love the people who get them to do it and act interested while it's happening.

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