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Knowing job interview question answers often seems to be an impossible task for job seekers. With all the possible questions that an interviewer could ask, these candidates think, there is no way that anyone could ever prepare themselves for any potential question that would get tossed their way. In reality, however, the questions that the interviewer will ask are actually a great deal more predictable. The interviewer is going to ask you questions which probe your experience and capacity at solving the most important business problems that the target role is going to face. For that reason, if you have done the kind of preparation that you need to do, the job interview question answers that you become ready to answer are equally predictable.

If you think about the job interview question answers that you have given in your life, you will notice that they tend to go over similar ground each time you sit down in the interview chair. The interviews might start with some small talk about the trip over to the office, or if you would like some water, then move pretty quickly into stories about your work background. Some basic personal questions might get asked, like what you think your strength is at your current workplace where you see yourself in five or ten years, or what your personal weaknesses in the role are. More and more often, employers like to ask candidates about specific experiences as well, and how they behaved in these situations. The interviewers are looking for a description of how you reacted in the past to certain scenarios with the belief that you would act that way again in the future.

Job Interview Question Answers Explained

These job interview question answers are part of what are called behavioral interviews and the best way to prepare for them is to have in mind a group of personal experiences and examples that demonstrate the positive qualities the target employer is looking for. Whether the interviewer is conducting a behavioral interview or not, answers to any questions which take the form of personal experience and specific incidents are superior to theory and generalizations.

Job interview question answers which use a success or action in your past to illustrate the point you are making prove that you are speaking from experience, not mere supposition and theory. What's more, they are inherently more interesting, vivid and memorable than the answer that does not include a personal element to it. To develop a store of these anecdotes which you can use as needed in your job interview, do some thinking and research to determine the most important factors the target position requires. The job description, the Internet, and people in your social or professional network can all give you vital clues as to what the company is looking for. Then brainstorm your most relevant and memorable examples of performing the actions that demonstrate these characteristics.

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