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The job interview strategies you should follow are, quite simply, the strategies that win you the target job you're after. These strategies should all be aimed at one thing: convincing the hiring decision maker that you are the most qualified person for the job. Ultimately, this requires you to do some key things. The first is to demonstrate that you have the experience and credentials to do the job. The second is to show that your personality and temperament make you a valuable addition to the target enterprise. The third is to show that you know how to present and communicate professionally.

All of these job interview strategies are best executed with the assistance of extensive research and investigation. After all, you can't present yourself as what the company is looking for if you don't know what the company is looking for. This research should take you to a couple of different sources. Formal, official job requirements can be found in company documents like the job advertisement or the job description. Going over those job documents should give you a complete idea of the experience, certifications, skills and other specific requirements the company wants to see in a candidate for the open position. The personality and temperament question can be answered with research as well, but of a different sort. This information is more likely to be found in informal sources, like people who work in your target field or who have personal experience at your preferred company. These resources should be able to give a more nuanced understanding of the kind of personality the target employer is looking for, and the kind of person he or she would prefer to hire.

More Job Interview Strategies

Job interview strategies that relate to your presentation can also benefit from research. Just about any bookstore has plenty of books with advice on how to dress, sit, behave, and speak during the job interview. Familiarizing yourself with what is expected and effective is a good start to this piece of the interview. Once you've gotten a good idea of what the company is looking for, you can prepare for the interview by remembering specific events and actions that you've taken which highlight those desired qualities within yourself.

Finally, even the best of job interview strategies isn't likely to work if it is not practiced. You can gain some of this practice by conducting mock interviews with friends or family, videotaping your responses and evaluating your performance afterward. In addition, you can engage in the most effective practice of all: interviewing. If you have a true dream job at a dream company, do not approach this organization for an interview first. Schedule some preliminary interviews at other companies first and go through the interview process a couple of times. By the time you sit down in the office of your dream company, your job interview strategies should be well rehearsed.

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