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When it comes to getting a job offer, your job interview techniques are of secondary importance to the content of your job history. For that reason, the best job interview technique you could develop would be taking any question your interviewer poses and responding in such a way that it answers the question and showcases your strongest qualities. Ultimately, that means that you know what your strongest qualities are, and that you have plenty of ways to get to an answer that shows them off. Both these requirements mean a lot of work ahead of time, and some time and effort spent on preparation for the job interview.

The first step towards developing a job interview technique that works, is determining what the company wants. The job ad for the opening and the job description should be able to provide that for you with plenty of detail about the formal requirements the company is looking for, in addition to the duties and responsibilities the employee must perform. Doing some due diligence of your own with your social network should clue you in on what the informal requirements are, and what type of individual is most desired in the target company's corporate culture. When you have an idea of what the company is interested in, compare that to what you have done and the credentials you can present. Wherever there is a match between these two lists, you have an opportunity to convince the interviewer that you are the appropriate person for the job.

Your Job Interview Technique Strategy

Your job interview strategy should be to take the questions that you are asked and use them as launch pads to talk about your relevant experience. One especially convincing way to do this is to have a full stash of stories of your personal experience already prepared in your mind that showcase your desired characteristics, skills and experiences. Giving your job interview answers in terms of those personal experiences provides a more vivid response to the interviewer than merely speaking of that skill or experience in general and abstract terms. When you can, try to speak about your past experiences using a "problem, action, result" format to show how well you can solve the challenges of the job.

Another good job interview technique is to go into the interview thinking of ways to show the interviewer what you can bring to the company. In many cases, candidates get very focused on themselves, what they need to say, what they need to do, what they hope to get from the company. To the company, this kind of ambition and self-centeredness misses the point. The hiring manager is looking for what the candidate will do to make the company more productive and solve its business problems. A good way to begin demonstrating your ability to put the company's needs up front is by paying close attention to what the interviewer is saying and responding in terms of what you would be able to do to enhance the organization.

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