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Writing job interview thank you notes should be one of the first things you do when you've finished your first or second round of job interviews. For a small expenditure of time and energy, these thank you notes can pay off in a big way. In the first place, these notes show that you are aware of standard business practices, and are organized and efficient in following through with what's expected of you in a prompt manner. Just as important, they show that you are polite and recognize the efforts that others are making on your behalf. For that reason alone, you should make sure to collect your interviewers' contact details.

However, with just an additional bit of effort you can make your job interview thank you notes even more powerful tools for your job search. The way to do this is to give a small "gift" with the thank you note that the interviewer will appreciate. This gift shouldn't be anything tangible, however, but rather information or a contact, chosen by you as a result of something the interviewer said in your meeting. For that reason, after each interview, take some quick notes about the content of the interview, and the topics and subjects you discussed. Pay particular attention to the subjects which the interviewer seemed to be most interested and excited by. You should be able to tell by the interviewer’s tone of voice and body language when the topic turns to one he or she is passionate about.

Giving Your Job Interview Thank You Notes a Little More

As you go about writing your job interview thank you notes, you can go over your records and determine what topics most interest the interviewer, and how you might be able to provide information which is interesting to that person. It might be business-related or personal. For instance, the interviewer might have mentioned some project which the company is trying to accomplish. If you could find a business article about a similar project at another company, you could send a link to that article with the line "Really enjoyed talking to you about your company's project. Here's an article about one of your competitor's experience with a similar initiative."

This extra information you include with your job interview thank you notes might come from some personal small talk which the interviewer had with you. Many times, interviewers will begin or end the conversation with talk about an interviewer's hobbies or interests. If, for instance, you started talking about food and the interviewer showed a great deal of interest, it would be perfectly appropriate to send the name of a great restaurant with the recommendation that the interviewer try it sometime. Including small gifts like these not only impresses the interviewer with your attention to detail and generosity with your time and energy, but they put that interviewer slightly in your debt and make him or her your ally within the company.

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