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A job interview video is a great way to prepare yourself to excel in your real-life job interview. In this video, you can watch yourself answering the common interview questions and honestly evaluate yourself as an interviewer would. To make a job interview video, you need to have two things: A video recorder or digital camcorder and a friend to be the mock interviewer. Once you have those two things lined up, then you need to take some steps to make sure that your taped interview is as close to what a real interview would be like, as you can. That means creating a list of question you're pretty sure you'll encounter in the interview.

You can come up with questions for a job interview video by doing research to determine what elements are the most important for the employer. A good way to get started is to take a look at the job description. Just imagine that every sentence in the job description is a part of a question asking you about your ability or experience in that area. For instance if the job description says that the position is responsible for "maintaining working relations between members of the sales and marketing departments" then chances are high that you will be asked about your experience in that area.

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Other probable interview questions which should be included in your job interview video can be determined by doing research in other areas, as well. The trade press, for instance, and people in your social network can provide more information for you. The more you learn about the major challenges and corporate culture the company and industry face, then the better idea you'll have of what kinds of questions you are likely to hear in the interview.

The questions that your accomplice asks you in the job interview video should not, however, all be questions that you are prepared for. So in addition to questions based on the job description, give your helper instructions to ask you questions that he or she comes up with, as well. For these questions, encourage your helper to be as wild and creative as he or she wants to be. The idea is to get you used to answering the unexpected questions and to learn to think on your feet as quickly as possible. During the job interview video taping, try to answer your questions in a way that makes you sound like you have what the company is looking for. The best way to do that is to answer using a lot of examples and stories of successes and actions from your personal and professional history. As you later evaluate your interview video, take notes about the area where you seem to be the weakest, and to answer in generalities. These are the areas where you can use additional practice for the real interview.

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