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A job interview weakness is as individual and unique as the men and women seeking the job. Some applicants might have difficulty talking about how they can benefit the target company. Others answer questions with the desired information, but form their answers in a way that diminishes their effectiveness. And others respond in such a way that gives the impression they don't really understand the question. A few men and women are so shy and nervous they lose half the allotted interview time getting warmed up.

There is no one way to overcome every job interview weakness. However, there is one step you can take to minimize them. And that is to prepare. Preparation starts long before the day of the interview and involves more than just a little research about the target company the night before the interview. First, spend some time figuring out what the interviewer is likely to want from you. Second, determine what kind of questions the interviewer will probably ask. Third, practice your responses to those probable questions until you can speak effectively. Whatever your job interview weakness is, these three steps are likely to diminish, if not eliminate it.

Diminishing Your Job Interview Weakness

The first step towards diminishing your job interview weakness is to determine what the company is specifically looking for. When a job interviewer is speaking to a candidate, he or she is comparing the skills and experiences that the candidate presents, with the requirements of the job. If there is a strong and convincing match, the interviewer is more likely to recommend you be hired. Consequently, the first step of any job interview preparation should be to find out what is required for the job. There are generally two aspects to this research. The first part is the official, listed job requirements as put down in the job description. The second is the real, day-to-day requirements that people who have worked in the company can provide to you.

To fully overcome your job interview weakness, once you know the requirements of the position prepare for the questions that you might be asked to reveal those. Last, practice with a friend or colleague to get comfortable answering those questions. As you do, remember that examples and specific incidents that demonstrate your effectiveness are more convincing than general statements, theoretical situations, or philosophical pronouncements. A handy way to go about remembering how to phrase an answer is to recall a specific incident that dramatizes your ability. Talk about that situation, the actions you took, and the result you achieved. This kind of answer will go far toward helping you create the impression of mastery.

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