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If you are granted a job phone interview, you should be just as prepared for it as if you had been invited in to meet in person. Most companies that conduct job phone interviews do it out of convenience or cost issues. If the company is hiring for a virtual position, for instance, where the employee will be physically distinct from the company even after the hire, it doesn't make any sense to bring the candidate in from a long distance for a job interview. In a case like this, the phone interview is the only kind that will be given, so the candidate should be prepared to excel just as if he or she were sitting down in the interviewer's office.

Other job phone interviews are scheduled for reasons of screening. Sometimes a candidate's resume might not be impressive enough to warrant an in-person interview, yet not be so obviously unqualified to deserve being thrown away. In that case, the company might compromise by granting a very quick phone screen in order to see if the candidate has enough potential to be brought in for a real interview later on. If that is the case, the candidate must really shine through in the phone interview or he or she will not be passed on to the next level. In these cases, the usual factor which the candidate lacks is an obvious sign of requisite technical skill and training in the resume. For that reason, the interviewee should be prepared to reassure the interviewer with evidence of competency and experience beyond what is immediately visible on the resume.

Your Job Phone Interview Success Strategy

A job phone interview has one advantage over an in-person one in that you can be fully focused and intent on your words, without the distractions of a strange environment or having to interact with someone face-to-face. For that reason, you can prepare yourself to answer questions, without having to worry about directions to the location, dress code, or any other issues. To best prepare for your phone job interview, create a list of requirements for the job, draw up questions which would solicit information about your possession of those requirements, and a matching list of answers which demonstrates that you have those traits.

A good place to begin making your job phone interview requirement list is with the company's job description and job ad. These documents display all the technical and formal requirements of the candidate as well as the actions and duties which he or she would be responsible for. Informal or cultural requirements can be discovered by talking to people in your professional network or by reading articles about the company. Once you have devised a complete profile of what the company is looking for, simply turn those requirements into questions that ask you if you have those characteristics. Answer those questions with experiences from your job and personal history.

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