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When you write a letter after job interview, the basic letter should be pretty standard. Thank the interviewers for their time, express a continued interest in the job and extend an invitation to communicate further. An example of this basic letter would go something like "Thank you for meeting with me on Friday. I am more interested than ever in this opening. Please feel free to give me a call at your convenience to discuss what I can do for your company." If you have other information you feel is relevant, or you would like to add some bit of personal touch which would elevate yours from the average thank you letter after job interview, the best advice would be to try to be as positive and short as possible in your note.

Something else that you might want to include in a letter after job interview is some information that you wish you had brought up in the job interview. Though it's unlikely the interviewer will pay much attention to this information after the fact, if you are brief it can't hurt and it might help. For instance, you might say something like "I'm particularly excited by your company's developments in the online marketing field. Though we didn't get much of an opportunity to discuss it Friday, I have been heading up similar projects for my current employer, and really feel this area is one of my strong points. I look forward to seeing you again sometime and going over this experience in greater detail."

More Letter After Job Interview Strategies

Other letter after job interview additions include pieces of information that your conversation with the interviewer suggests would be of interest to him or her. These might be in the professional sphere or the personal one, and should refer to areas in which the interviewer showed a high degree of interest and excitement during the interview. For instance, if the interviewer discussed a new product the company is introducing with a degree of passion, then you might want to seek out and find a positive review of that product and send its link to the interviewer. In a similar manner, if the interviewer expresses interest in a hobby or type of dining experience during the personal chit chat section of the interview, you might be able to send a recommendation or link related to that.

Putting an informational "gift" in your letter after job interview really sets you apart from the typical thank you letter writer. It shows that you actually paid attention in the interview, for one thing. And it shows you have the consideration to remember what other people are looking for and provide it when possible. It also puts the recipient slightly in your debt and makes him or her feel a degree of friendship towards you. All these factors work to turn the interviewer into an ally.

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