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Though trained, qualified nurses have no difficulty finding jobs in their field, the ability to perform well in a nursing job interview can secure the very best nursing jobs out there. Like many fields in this job market, the demands of nurses change rapidly. Due to changes in technology and how healthcare is delivered, nurses continue to take a larger and more varied role every day. For this reason, the best nursing jobs are no longer obtainable simply by presenting strong nursing credentials and a solid resume. Employers are looking for nurses who have the kind of attributes and character to take on leadership roles and to handle the many different challenges that might be thrown at them.

Displaying these attributes is where a strong performance on the nursing job interview is essential. The nursing job interview is the opportunity for the qualified nurse to display her broad experience, her innovative ability to solve problems, and her dedication to providing the best healthcare possible. Unlike a resume, a strong nursing job interview is able to show the human side of the profession and to convince the interviewer that the nurse is capable of growing and adapting to fit the evolving requirements of the position. Fortunately, performing well on an interview need not be left to chance. There are very specific and simple things you can do to ready yourself for an impressive interview performance.

Preparing for Your Nursing Job Interview

The first step towards preparing for your nursing job interview is determining the requirements of the job and the nature of the duties. There are two varieties of these items––formal and informal. The official requirements and duties are the ones the company has determined and presents to the world as an accurate and complete representation of what the job entails, and who is qualified to obtain it. The informal job description and duties are what the employee really has to bring to the position, and the duties they perform on a day-to-day basis. There are two corresponding places to find out the information you want. The formal requirements can be found in the job advertisement and job description. The informal requirements are learned through doing some social networking and talking to people who know.

Once you have learned the formal and informal requirements of the job, then the next step is to get ready for the nursing job interview by preparing yourself to display the required attributes and experiences. Imagine the kinds of questions that would elicit that information from you. Chances are that these are the questions that you will be asked in the nursing job interview. Plan ahead to recount stories and examples in which you showcase these qualities to overcome the challenges of the job. In the interview, use the questions the interviewer asks to tell these stories and anecdotes. As you do so, the interviewer will imagine you performing at that high level on the target nursing job. Congratulations, the job is now yours.

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