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Though your actions during the job interview are what will ultimately get you your dream job, in close calls, the post job interview decisions that you make can influence your career. For many companies, the time lag between the interview and the hire can stretch for weeks or even months, no matter how you excelled in the job interview. Sometimes the gap may be a result of a business change that puts the hiring decision off for a limited time. Other times the delay might be caused by a confusion about what the company is looking for. In many cases, the delay is caused by a simple lack of urgency among decision makers because the need for the new hire has not yet become crucial. Other times, there may be some office politics standing in the way of making a rapid decision.

Whatever the post job interview hiring holdup, the longer the delay between your interview and the hire, the longer your odds get. With the lengthening delay, the interviewers begin to forget about the great impression that you made, and it becomes less and less likely that they will place you at the very top of their hiring list. The solution to this problem is to find a way to contact the interviewers as the time period after the job interview lengthens. But since you don't want to be a pest or inappropriate or sound desperate, your challenge is to do this in a way the interviewer welcomes.

Your Post Job Interview Secret Weapon

The way to make your post interview communications valuable and is to include a small 'gift' with each one. This gift would be the kind of information that you would give a friend who you knew was interested in a topic, like a link to an online article, a contact name, a recommendation or some sort of tip. The way to determine the right gift is to pay attention to the interviewer during your conversation with him or her. During your chat something that you or the interviewer says might make the interviewer's eyes light up, indicating his or her passion for a certain hobby, travel, or business topic.

Whether that subject is something professional or personal, you'll want to put that in your post job interview note. So your note would thank the interviewer for his or her time and attention, express a continued interest in the opportunity and offer to meet or talk again if the interviewer would like. Then the gift part would add something that says that you really enjoyed talking about such and such topic, that it reminds you of an article you'd read or of a friend who the interviewer should contact on the subject. When you send this note with this gift, you impress the interviewer with your attention to what was said during the interview, and your consideration and generosity with your time and energy. What's more, you create a small relationship with that interviewer and make him or her more likely to welcome your next communication. He or she may even put in a good word for you regarding being hired for the job you want.

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