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The process by which you prepare for a job interview takes three phases. The first phase is to prepare for the questions you'll be asked. The second is to prepare the answers you'll give. The third is to prepare your physical self to be in the interview room at the appointed time, as professional appearance as possible. The first phase, the research phase, requires the job candidate to find out what successes, activities, results, activities, characteristics and personality the hiring manager is looking for during the interview. One source to find this information includes the job description and ad for the job, which should give you the background of duties and expectations of the target job.

To fully prepare for job interview, the candidate should go beyond the information in the job description and job advertisement, though. A social network of people working in that field or for that company can help. These people would have an idea of the specific corporate culture requirements and more personal information about the target company. Finally, a survey of the relevant trade press and media about the target field and company should give a basic idea of the competitive and business environment that the target position lies in. All three of those sources put together should give you a fair idea of what the target company needs you to convey about yourself in order to be considered a good fit for the job.

Prepare for Job Interview Answers

When you prepare for the job interview, do not be tempted to start lying and making up aspects about your job history or background to fit what you believe the company is looking for. Besides being dishonest, this activity is not likely to fool anyone, and ultimately sets you up to live a lie at the company if you should get hired. You can, however, look at your background and find the successes and actions which convincingly prove that you have the elements the hiring manager is looking for. A key part of your job preparation should be making a bullet point list of these actions and results, organized by the relevant positive characteristics that they exemplify. Be ready to recount those examples in your interview.

And finally, to prepare for job interview, get organized the day before the scheduled date. Get your business clothes cleaned and pressed and ready to wear for your meeting. Print up a map online or otherwise prepare yourself to find the interview office in plenty of time. When you get to the location introduce yourself, make eye contact, give a firm handshake and allow yourself to be seated. Also let the interviewer get the conversation going initially. Be sure to take a business card from each person you speak to. And after each interview, quickly make notes of what you talked about to help you write your thank you note.

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