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When you enter an interview situation, whether on the phone or in person, you should be prepared to ask some questions for a job interview yourself. At several points, you will might be asked if you have any questions. Without a doubt you will be asked at the end of the interview. Be sure to take advantage of such an opportunity. In the first place, you might well have some questions or issues that you need resolved before you move forward with the interview. In the second place, the chance to ask questions for a job interview gives you a chance to make a favorable impression on the interviewer.

The best questions for a job interview for you to ask are ones that showcase the attributes that the hiring manager is looking for. Before you go into the job interview, you should do the necessary research to get a sense of the formal and informal requirements of the position. The best place to find the formal requirements is in official documents like the job description and advertisement for the job. A good source of information about the informal preferences and requirements is doing some research among your social network and people who have experience in the organization and field that you are interested in. Though you don't necessarily need to address these requirements directly, you can let them inform the questions you ask.

Some Sample Questions for a Job Interview

For instance, if you learn through your research that the company looks for strong team players, then good questions for a job interview might include queries about the company's mentorship opportunities. If the company emphasizes continuing education, ask about their training programs. Other good questions to ask in job interviews are those related to topics the interviewer brings up that points to his or her interest in something. People love to talk about themselves, so asking a question such as "What do you like best about the work environment here?" gives them a chance to do that. And they will appreciate you for being sensitive enough to ask such a question.

A final category of good questions to ask for a job interview includes those regarding your qualifications. For instance, if you learn from your research that the job requires a specific set of competencies and your interviewer somehow neglects to probe you on those, you would want to mention that you have them before you leave the interview. The opportunity to ask a question is a great time to do that. In this case, you would say something like "In my current job, I really enjoy the opportunity to (blank). How would I be able to continue developing my skills in this area in this new position?" Use this question as the last resort, since it can sometimes sound a little too obvious and forced.

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