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For a job candidate who has just had an in-person interview, the thank you letter after job interview has become an expected part of modern business etiquette. This letter generally takes the form of a quick note in which the candidate thanks the interviewer for his or her time, expresses a continued interest in the opening and invites the interviewer to contact the candidate again if needed. Written this way the post job interview thank you letter fulfills a couple of important functions. First it shows that you are aware of current business customs and protocols. Second, it shows that you are appreciative of the time the interviewer gave you, and polite enough to acknowledge it, and third it reiterates your interest after the interview.

With just a little extra work, however, you can make your thank you letter after job interview even more effective and work even harder for you. To do that, all you need to do is add a small "gift" with it, to make it more personal, more impressive and more welcoming. This gift isn't money, or any sort of material item. In fact any interviewer who received such would be insulted. Rather, the gift is a piece of information which the interviewer might find valuable or useful, like an article in the business press or possibly a contact name for a problem the interviewer needs solved.

Sending a valuable piece of information along with your thank you letter after job interview pays off in many ways. In the first place, it shows the kind of attention that you pay to people you talk to, and your generosity and care. In the second place, if the interviewer actually uses that information, then he or she will feel a sense of gratitude to you for providing it and will want to do a favor for you in return. So this simple gift not only sets you apart from the competition for the job, but actually creates an ally for you inside your target company. The question that you might have is how to give a gift like that? The answer is simply to pay attention. During your interview, you should be paying close attention to the subjects and topics discussed––both business related and personal. Chances are, if they are on his or her mind, they are the things that are the most important to him or her.

Make a note of them and begin researching for information related to those topics to include in your thank you letter after job interview. For example if the interviewer says that he or she is working on some specific project, find an article in the business press about that project. If the conversation turns to the interviewer's upcoming business trip to a city you know people in, find out the name of a great restaurant there to recommend. And if the interviewer references a specific need or desire, you might have a lead you could offer—such as the name of a person you know or an organization that specializes in that topic. Whatever the gift is, include it in the after job interview thank you letter to make yourself look like a superstar.

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