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If you have a telephone job interview scheduled, that usually means one of two things. Either the job you are applying for is a virtual job, one in which you will be hired and supervised to work without making personal contact with your coworkers. Or, the hiring decision makers believe that your qualifications and resume are not quite up to their expectations. Therefore, they have compromised by scheduling a telephone interview with you. If you perform well on the telephone, the next step is to bring you in for a personal interview. In either case, your career prospects with the company will be determined by your performance during the telephone job interview.

One thing in your favor is this. It is easier to 'shine' in a telephone job interview than in an in-person interview. Since there are fewer variables at work, you can focus more intently on what matters. For instance, because you won't be going in person, you don't have to worry about dressing appropriately, arriving at a destination on time, or maintaining a friendly smile. Instead, all you have to think about is answering questions clearly and doing so in a way that sounds convincing.

Telephone Job Interview Tips

The objective of the telephone job interview is exactly the same as it is for the in-person interview. You want to persuade the hiring manager that you have the expertise, qualifications, attributes and characteristics to begin solving the problems the company is facing. To accomplish this, you will need to know what those problems are. You can find that information before your interview through company resources such as the job advertisement and description, as well as printed sources including print publications and your social network of people who have been in that field or work for the target company. As you do your research, ask yourself what the job duties will be on a daily basis, and in the near future. Chances are, your interviewer will be asking questions that will be aimed at determining your ability to do what is asked of you.

During your telephone job interview, you should describe your experience, training and characteristics in the form of stories dramatizing your effectiveness on the job. Begin with the situation that you faced, one that your research has shown to be similar to those faced in your target company. Describe the actions you took and the results you achieved in this situation that demonstrate the skills you know the hiring manager is looking for in the person he hires to fill the new position.

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