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Sending a thank you for job interview is the minimum expected practice for job seekers. Typically this thank you consists of a short note or email that thanks the interviewer for his or her time, expresses continued interest in the position and extends an invitation to contact the candidate again. Sending this thank you for job interview shows the interviewer the candidate is both aware of the business conventions and courteous enough to follow them. Unfortunately, this minimum form doesn't do much else for the candidate. By putting just a little extra effort into the thank you note, a job candidate can turn it into a powerful tool for creating a relationship between himself and herself and the interviewer.

A more powerful thank you for job interview is one that includes some extra bit of information the interviewer will find interesting, relevant and even exciting. The way to determine what kind of information to send is to listen closely to the interview and what appears to be the most important topics or issues the interviewer talks about. These topics can be in the professional or personal realm, by the way. For instance, if the interviewer spends a fair bit of time talking about the challenges of adopting a new technology in the company, you can tell this is a subject that has captured his or her interest. In a similar manner, if the interviewer mentions an upcoming trip to a city in the pre or post interview chitchat you might determine that he or she has interest in some sights or restaurants in that city.

Adding That Extra to the Thank You for Job Interview

The way to use this information in your thank you for job interview is to find a link to an article, a contact name, a restaurant name or some other piece of guidance and put it in the thank you note. Write something like "I enjoyed our talk about your upcoming trip to Montreal. Here's the name of a great restaurant that a friend of mine who lives there says is the best in town." When you provide the interviewer with a "gift" like this in your thank you note, you do a couple of things. First, you make an impression as someone who really pays attention to the interviewer and is considerate. Second, you develop a closer relationship between the two of you.

A valuable and welcome thank you for job interview also sets you up for other communications, as well. Often jobs take several weeks or months to fill. If you are one of the first ones interviewed, you run the risk of being forgotten in the shuffle as the time passes and newer candidates go through the process. If you continue to periodically reach out to the interviewer with a welcome informational gift, you can keep yourself on the interviewer's mind in a very respectful and positive manner.

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