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The core of every thank you letter after a job interview should be more or less the same. The candidate should thank the interviewer for his or her time and attention and express continued interest in the opportunity and willingness to meet again at the interviewer's convenience. If that is as much as you put into your thank you note, you will have fulfilled the expected requirements of professional interview courtesy. But what if you want to go further than just the minimum requirements? What if you would like to turn your post interview thank you note into another weapon in your arsenal to give you an advantage over the other job seekers?

To turn your thank you letter after a job interview into a job-getting advantage, you need to make it another demonstration of the characteristics that make you the best fit for the job. Additionally, you should make this communication valuable to the interviewer in some way, so that any more notes or letters from you in the future are appreciated. The best way to accomplish these goals is to include a small informational "gift" to the interviewer in your letter.

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The informational gift that you give the interviewer in your thank you letter after a job interview should be the kind that you might give a friend or colleague who you know is interested in a specific topic or subject. What you do is pay attention to the interviewer during your meeting and look for the subject or topic that he or she seems the most excited about in your conversation. This topic may come up during the discussion of the business challenges the interviewer is facing, discussion of the changes occurring at the company or even during the personal chit-chat section of the job interview when the two of you are sharing your interests and hobbies. You will know that you have hit upon it when the person's eyes light up and he or she seems keenly interested in talking about that subject.

When you write your thank you letter after a job interview, you should do some research and try to find a piece of information that the interviewer might find rewarding or valuable. For instance, you could send a link to a relevant article, the name of a restaurant or some other kind of tip the interviewer would appreciate. Doing this will show your conscientiousness and ability to follow through on other people's interests. Additionally, it will make your future communications valuable and welcome, which will come in handy if there is a long delay before the job is filled and you must make contact repeatedly.

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