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If you handle them correctly, thank you letters after a job interview can become a powerful tool in your job search toolbox. The secret is to add elements to the thank you letter which the other candidates for the job do not know about or care enough to add. In a nutshell, these elements are pieces of information which could be described as "gifts." Gifts, in the interview thank you letter, are tips or suggestions or facts which you believe the interviewer will find rewarding or interesting. The keys to determining what pieces of information to include are provided by the interviewer. All you have to do is listen, pay attention, and apply the information that the interviewer gives you during the interview.

For instance, if your interviewer mentioned during the interview that he or she loves French food and is going on a business trip to Los Angeles, a list of the best French restaurants in Los Angeles would be a fine gift to put in your thank you letter after a job interview. In a similar manner, if the interviewer discussed a new accounting model which the company was considering adopting, a link to an article about how to best use that accounting system would be of great interest to the interviewer. Other kinds of valuable gifts include contact information for people the interviewer might like to connect with, or simply the name of a website or publication where the interviewer can find their desired information for themselves.

The Power of Gifts in Thank You Letters after Job Interview

Gifts in thank you letters after job interviews provide a couple of powerful results for you. First, they elevate your thank you letter above the norm, and make it stand out from those of your competitors. By sending a thank you letter which combines both thoughtfulness and practicality, you demonstrate that you are intelligent, other-centered, and capable. Second, If the information is truly valuable to the interviewer, then it makes that interviewer feel grateful to you, and to look forward to your next communication. Creating a desire to see more communication from you is especially important.

If you write your thank you letters after a job interview in a way that makes the interviewer excited to hear from you, then you have an advantage over other applicants during long job searches. Many times, it takes several weeks or even months for employers to find and decide on candidates for a position. If you are not in contact with the employer and interviewers during this time, it's likely that you could fall out of their notice and be passed over in favor of less qualified applicants who come along later in the process. By sending gifts with each communication, and developing a rapport, you remain at the forefront of their minds throughout the interviewing and decision-making process. If the interviewer who you have been communicating with appreciates the time and attention that you have given to the correspondence, it's even likely that he or she will become an ally in your quest to land your dream job.

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