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For most candidates, writing thank you letters for job interviews is an automatic process. Unfortunately, the letters they write frequently show how automatic it is by being more or less cookie cutter in style. These letters generally include a thank you for the interview, an expression of continued interest in the position, and an invitation to contact the interviewer again as desired. Though boring and predictable, a letter like this is nothing to be ashamed of. If you write your thank you letter to include these elements, you will be no worse off than 99 percent of the other thank you letters for job interviews that the interviewers will receive.

It is possible, however, to write thank you letters for job interview that go beyond just these basic points. By applying just a simple bit of research, effort and thought, you can vault your thank you letter into the top one percent of the letters the interviewer receives. The key to creating this kind of thank you letter is to include a simple informational 'gift' with each letter. This gift is a piece of information, a link to an article, a contact name, a tip, a recommendation of a restaurant that the job seeker believes would be of interest to the interviewer.

Your Thank You Letters for Job Interview Strategy

To include this information in your thank you letters for job interview, you need to know what the interviewer might be interested in. The way to find out is to pay attention to the interview. At some point during the job interview, you might notice the interviewer shows more animation when discussing a specific topic. This might be during the professional and corporate conversation about what the company is trying to accomplish. Or it might be during the personal ice-breaking chit-chat that occurs between the interviewer and yourself. When you notice the interviewer shows an extraordinary burst of interest, make note of that mentally and put that note down on paper immediately after the interview.

Thank you letters for job interview which include a suitable and appropriate informational 'gift' fulfill several purposes. In the first place, they set you apart from the rest of the letter writers the interviewer receives. In the second place, they show that you pay extraordinary attention to the things the interviewer said to you and acted on those things. In the third place, they stimulate gratitude in the recipient, whether or not the information turns out to be useful to him or her. Most important, these letters are welcomed and interesting to the interviewer. As a result, you will be able to write to the interviewer as many times as you need to in order to keep your name in his or her mind until the position has been filled. This may come in handy if there is a delay during the decision making process.

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