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Most job candidates who write a thank you note after job interview create a pretty basic and standard document. They thank the interviewer for his or her time. They express a continued interest in the position. They extend an invitation to contact the candidate again if the interviewer would like to learn more. Though these are perfectly valid points to make in a thank you letter, and each thank you letter should contain them, there is still room to do more. In a job interview, each contact between the candidate and interviewer leaves an impression on the interviewer. Since the interviewers are asked to make decisions about the candidates with very little information, each impression winds up counting for a lot.

For that reason, a thank you note after job interview represents a pretty heavy opportunity to make an impression on the interviewer that will make getting the job that much easier. And if that's the case, writing the standard thank you note won't do the trick. It's too generic, for one thing, and doesn't set the writer apart from the crowd in any way. Instead of this basic letter, the smart job seeker will try to set himself or herself apart by taking a different path. A very effective way to do this is to make the thank you letter more than a simple 'thanks' by including a small "gift" with it. This gift does not have to be big and certainly should not be tangible. Rather it should be a piece of information the interviewer can use and will appreciate.

What to Put in Your Thank You Note After Job Interview

The way to decide what to put in the thank you note after job interview is to pay attention to the subjects and content of your interview with the interviewer. At some point in the conversation, either during the business portion of the talk or the personal chit-chat before and after, it's likely the interviewer will reveal an interest in some professional or personal topic. After the interview write down the subject matter and do some research later to find an article, a contact name, a tip or some other information which relates to that topic. That is what you will attach to your thank you note.

A thank you note after job interview with a small 'gift' of this sort will be more impressive than one without. It will show that you pay attention to others. It will show that you are considerate. It will cause the recipient to think of you again—with gratitude. Most important, it will make the recipient look forward to hearing from you again. Since it can take weeks or months sometimes to fill a position, including a small gift makes you able to keep contacting the interviewer until the job is definitely filled. That gives you the huge advantage of continually putting yourself at the top of the interviewer's mind instead of fading away in his or her memory as other candidates come in and interview for the same position.

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