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Most job seekers know by now to write a quick thank you note for job interview after they have been at an in-person interview at their target company. However, with so many other job seekers doing the same thing and writing a similar kind of thank you note after job interview, then it's harder to make yours stand out. Just as you wanted your interview to set you apart and above the rest of the job competitors, so do you want your post interview thank you note. The secret to accomplishing this requires a little more effort but the results are well worth it.

The key to making your thank you note for job interview stand out is to include a small informational "gift" with your note. Most notes simply say "Thanks for your time and attention. I am still interested in the position and feel free to contact me about the opening." A note with a small informational 'gift,' however, adds a piece of information with it that the recipient will appreciate receiving. By adding a link to an article, a contact name that the recipient can use, a tip or some other piece of advice, you will give your thank you note that bit of personal touch that the hiring manager will welcome, value, and appreciate.

Your Thank You Note for Job Interview Strategy

The way that you decide what information to include in your thank you note for job interview advantage is to pay attention to what is discussed in your job interview. There are going to be some subjects the interviewer shows a clear interest in. They might be in the professional area or come up in the personal chit-chat you engage in at the beginning. It might be discussing the companies new IT or marketing initiative, or in a discussion of a trip the interviewer has planned or the mention of a local restaurant, but that subject will make the interviewer's eyes light up a bit. When you see that happen, be sure to write a note about that, along with the contact details of the interviewer after every interview.

When you write your thank you note for job interview you should include at the end of it your piece of information relevant to that interesting subject. Introduce it by saying, "Our discussion of (blank) made me think of this article I read online. I hope you'll find it of interest regarding the trip you're planning to (blank)." When you include this sort of informational gift you create a relationship with the interviewer, and you show him or her how attentive and considerate you are. He or she will then likely anticipate hearing from you again.

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