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Knowing how and when to do a job interview follow-up is a challenge for many job seekers. Most people know by now that it's a good idea to write a thank you note to the people they spoke to after the job interview, thanking them for their time and expressing continued interest in the position. Beyond that, however, they don't know what is appropriate or inappropriate, welcome or unwelcome. They are worried about being seen as too enthusiastic in their pursuit of the job and turning off the interviewers or being perceived as pests. Ultimately, these fears keep the job interviewee from following up. They say to themselves that they've done their part by going into the interview and now it's the company's job to contact them if interested. Consequently these candidates miss a great chance to build on a successful job interview.

Performed correctly, job interview follow-up not only improves your chances of getting the job you applied for, but makes the interviewers feel so positively about you that they keep you in mind for other positions which open up in the future. The key is making sure that every contact with the company is welcomed and rewarding for the interviewers. The secret to making this happen is paying attention to the wants and needs of the interviewers, as expressed during the interview process. During that interview, the hiring manager should either directly or indirectly mention some of the things that he or she is interested in achieving or accomplishing. If the candidate pays attention, and makes a note of these interests immediately following the interview, he or she can then use that information later.

Job Interview Follow-Up Secrets

The job interview follow-up secret is to approach the interviewer with a "gift" every time. This does not mean money, a Starbucks card or any other tangible item. In fact, such gifts might be seen as bribes and therefore, actually harm your candidacy for the job. Instead, these gifts can take the form of information which the interviewer might welcome and be interested in. For instance, if the candidate does some research on a topic that he and the interviewer discussed the job seeker might come across an interesting article or white paper to send along with the typical thank you note to the interviewer.

This approach to job interview follow-up has a couple of advantages to the simple note approach. First, it shows greater enthusiasm for the job. Second it shows diligence. Third, it shows that you've paid attention to the interviewer's comments. Fourth, it shows that you are generous with your time and energy. All of these are strong advantages. But the most powerful of all is that unlike a "thank you," which is appropriate only one time, there is no limit to how many times you can offer your contact a gift like this. As a result, you can keep in touch with your interviewer until the job is filled.

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