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The job interview thank you note should be considered one of the secret weapons by every job seeker interested in beating out the competition for the ideal job. Mot people know how important it is to do everything possible before the interview in order to get the job they want, but only those who really want the job badly are dedicated enough to do everything they can after the interview too. To these job seekers, the interview is just one of many steps in the process of getting the job they want. These candidates aren't willing to simply leave the target company alone to make their final decision in peace. The truly dedicated candidate knows that often it takes weeks, and even months to fill some positions and everything he or she can do to remain considered until the end increases his or her chance of getting the dream job.

The job interview thank you is a common and practical way for the candidate to let the interviewer know he or she appreciates the time and energy the interviewer took. Typically, it's a note or email sent a day or two after the interview, which includes a simple line thanking the hiring manager for his or her time and expressing additional interest in the opening. Even though this is one of the more effective ways of demonstrating that the job seeker is considerate, polite, selfless and detail-conscious, not every single candidate follows this procedure. As a result, simply sending a job interview thank you note already sets you apart from the rest of the job-searching crowd.

The Ultimate Job Interview Thank You Approach

The way to make the job interview thank you really effective, however, is to combine it with another time-tested and proven technique for impressing other people: the 'gift.' This isn't to say that you should offer your interviewers a bribe, but to say that you should combine your expression of gratitude with an offer of something the interviewer will appreciate. In most cases, this something can be as simple and inexpensive as a piece of information which the recipient will find valuable. Immediately after the interview, the candidate should jot down a series of notes about each person who he or she spoke to, including contact details and the topics which the hiring manager spoke about in the interview.

After the interview, as a part of the job interview thank you strategy, the candidate can do some research online and find some articles or information relevant to the topics which the interviewer discussed. Then, along with the usual information in the thank you note, add a sentence similar to this: "I really enjoyed speaking to you about (blank). Here's an article I found on that topic which I thought you might find interesting." This addition to the typical letter demonstrates to the interviewer that you are thoughtful, intellectually curious and that you pay close attention to the interests and desires of others. Best of all, you can continue to follow up in a similar way every week or two until the position is filled.

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