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For many job seekers, the job interview seems to be a daunting obstacle to getting the dream job. These candidates apparently fear the interviewer has some psychological or professional x-ray vision that will see through him or her and pick out all the flaws and weaknesses. This fear is unfounded for several reasons. To begin with, if you've made it through the resume review stage and been granted a job interview, then chances are you're already qualified for the job. So there aren't a lot of glaring weaknesses for the interviewer to discover. In the second place, an interview is going to be a couple of hours at most, and conducted by another human being who has a lot of other things on his or her mind besides you. Even if you have some weak points in your job history that you would prefer not to talk about, you only have to dance around them for a short period.

The last element that should reduce a candidate's fear of the job interview is the fact that interviewers actually WANT you to succeed in the interview. They want someone qualified and interested and available to join the company and start making things happen in a positive direction. For that reason, if nothing else, they are not malevolent forces looking for an opportunity to tell you you've failed. On the contrary. They are hoping you'll tell them the things they want to hear so they can tell you you've succeeded. This will shorten the process for them too.

Preparing for the Job Interview

For that reason, you've got no reason to be frightened before a job interview. Simply prepare yourself as well as you can and go into it with the confidence that you've earned through your preparation. The best way to prepare for the interview is to find out what kinds of skills, experiences and characteristics the target company is looking for. Luckily for you, these are not exactly secret. As a matter of fact they should be written up in the job ad and the job description of the target position. Get hold of these documents and think of examples of how actions and successes of your past exemplify these desired qualities.

In the job interview, be prepared to talk about how these experiences highlight the skills and characteristics the interviewer is asking about. Specific, personal experiences tend to do a better job of convincing listeners of your integrity than mere abstract and general answers. After the job interview, write down some quick notes about the topics covered during the interview and who you spoke to. Write a thank you note and don't be afraid to keep following up until you either get the job or hear that the position has been filled.

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