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At this point in the history of job searching, most candidates know in theory that they should send a thank you letter for a job interview. In practice, however, not everyone does it. Either they forget, are too busy, don't have the contact details for the interviewer or they just don't believe it's worth the effort. For whatever reason, not everyone sends the letter. What a big mistake! As a job candidate who has finished interviewing, your primary goal is to keep reminding the employer that you are still alive, still qualified, and still interested in the position. And the thank you letter is a great way to do that.

As a matter of fact, with just the addition of a small amount of effort, you can elevate the thank you letter for job interview to a new height of functionality. One that not only reminds the employer that you are still interested, but highlights how thoughtful, intelligent and generous you are. That extra effort goes towards including a "gift" with your thank you letter. That does not mean, mind you, that you put a Starbucks card into the envelope, or send a bouquet of flowers either. Instead, this is a gift of information which the interviewer will find interesting. What you do to give that gift is pay attention to the topics the hiring manager brings up in the interview, especially the issues or subjects which he or she appears to be particularly interested in. At the end of the interview, get the person's business card and write down a quick summary of what you both talked about.

Your Thank You Letter for Job Interview Strategy

When you get back home, do some research about the subjects which you and the interviewer discussed. Try to find on the Internet some high-quality, insightful, interesting article about that topic. Now take the business card you received from the interviewer, and send an email thanking him or her for the time and opportunity shared, expressing continued interest in the position, and offering to meet again. After that paragraph, write "I enjoyed speaking to you about (blank). It reminded me of an article I read recently about that subject which you might find interesting." And add that link.

This thank you letter for job interview strategy works to make you look better than your competition in several ways. It is more thoughtful, for one thing, and shows that you not only paid attention to the interview but took follow-up action afterwards. That's very impressive to employers. Whether they read the article is irrelevant. If they do, and find it interesting, great. If not, then they will simply delete it. Another great aspect of this thank you tactic is that it is repeatable. So if the hiring process takes several weeks or months to determine who is to be hired, you can continue to make yourself visible to in a very unobtrusive, respectful and welcome way.

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