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Nearly everyone who has done research on job search etiquette knows by now that sending a job interview thank you note is a necessary part of getting a job. Still, it's unbelievable how many people neglect to take care of that simple, effective act. Some of these people may not send a thank you note because they haven't bothered to do the simple research to discover how expected it is. Others may not do it because they forgot to get the contact information for the people they talked with. Others may not do it because they're convinced their interview had gone poorly and they won't get the job anyway, so they don't see the point of remaining in contact. None of these reasons are valid.

Sending a job interview thank you note only requires a small amount of time and effort, yet it pays enormous dividends in showing the interviewer some important characteristics about you, namely, you know proper business protocol. It also shows that you are organized and effective at following up. Most important, though, the thank you note gives you a chance to reiterate your interest in the position. Don't make the interviewer guess or wonder if you still want the job after the interview. Send an email or a note as soon as you are able which comes straight out and tells the interviewer that you are more interested than ever and look forward to hearing from him or her soon.

The Job Interview Thank You Note Secret Weapon

By adding a little extra effort to your job interview thank you note, you can make it an even more impressive and effective tool to help you stand out from your competition. The secret weapon for making your thank you note blow the other applicants thank you notes out of the water is the simple addition of a small "gift." This does not mean a bribe, or any sort of physical item of value, mind you. In this context, a gift is a piece of information which the interviewer might be interested in. The way to determine a valuable gift is to pay attention during the interview. Does the interviewer show extraordinary attention to a particular subject, topic or problem in your conversation with you? Does he or she express some wish or desire for information or action during your conversation? If so, be sure to jot down these subjects, along with the interviewer's contact details immediately after the interview.

At your earliest opportunity, write your job interview thank you note and do some research and find articles and information which relates to these topics or subjects. If the interviewer expressed interest in a solution or information which someone you know (not at your current company, however) can help them with, find out if that person would be willing to talk to the interviewer and share that information. When you have this information handy, send it to the interviewer with your note. Say that you enjoyed the conversation, and that the attached article or contact might be of interest or value to that person. Even if the interviewer doesn't actually read or use the information, your extra effort will be well received.

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