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The greatest job interviewer tip that someone can give a candidate is to do as much research as possible before the job interview. The first area should be the job itself. Look at the ad, look at the job description, and then learn about the company, the industry, the department, the colleagues and if you can, the people who you will be meeting with. Consider the company's mission statement, what it's trying to accomplish, the overall challenges, and what kind of person the hiring manager is looking for to meet these needs. And take a look at what kind of accomplishments and achievements you will need to be a success in that job.

The second job interview tip is to perform a similarly searching and thorough evaluation of your own job history. Now that you know what the target position requires, and what abilities, accomplishments and achievements are necessary, how does your job experience match up? Can you think of specific instances and situations which you could discuss to make the case that you match the description of the ideal fit for the job? If so, prepare a bullet point synopsis of these accomplishments and be ready to discuss them whenever you are given the opportunity during the interview.

More Job Interview Tips

Another, more mundane, job interview tip is to take care of the logistical aspects of making it to the job interview professionally dressed and on time well before you have to. Is your interview outfit clean and pressed and hanging up where you can get it out immediately? Don’t wait till the morning of the interview to iron wrinkles out of a shirt, or locate a missing sock. What about the location of the interview? Do you know exactly how to get there? Perhaps you should print out a map, or even drive by ahead of time to make sure you don't have any inconvenient surprises on the day of your appointment. When you do arrive, let the interviewer seat you and get the conversation started.

One last interview tip is this. The decision to hire sometimes takes weeks or months after your interview. As a result, find a way to keep in contact with the interviewers and remind them you are still interested in the position. The first step is to send a note to the people you spoke to thanking them for their time and expressing an interest in the position and a willingness to meet again. A way to make this thank you note even more powerful is to take some notes immediately afterwards about the topics and subject you discussed with each person. When you email them with follow-ups every two weeks or so, you can include links to articles and information about those topics.

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