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The website assures a job if the job seeker gives a total of five minutes; it will help launch a career through its Jobinterviewsecret program…

Calabasas, California, 7th August 2009 - is a website which promises to put the job applicants into the list of must hire. The website offers to change the fortunes of those job applicants who are being rejected continuously. A secret career document is offered by this website which would make sure that things go the applicant’s way. The website claims that this would land the applicant a job very fast. The job seekers often face problems prior to an interview since there is nervousness and excitement the moment a person is chosen for an interview. There are two thoughts which occupy a person’s mind at that moment. One thought inspires him and the other of the prospects of rejection makes him depressed. This duality causes problems for the person who is going to face the interview board. The world of job hunting is tough and therefore the website offers help to the applicants so that they do not loose out to the most competent competitors. The companies look for something unique in an employee and it is not the stereotype things like etiquettes, smartness, resume and body language. These qualities might be present in all the applicants but still the company looks for something different in a particular applicant. That uniqueness is what is going to get him the job.

The Secret Document has nothing to do with the resume, qualifications, work experience, language skills and other parameters which influence a person’s chance of getting a job. The website offers something unique which would force the interviewer to view the applicant as the person who would be filling up the vacancy. In such a scenario the person who is the interviewer must be convinced that the applicant is the right person for the job. He must not be left with many options other than hiring the applicant. This would be a sure shot technique of success.

The Secret Document program offered by the website is a program which would help applicants in any kind of job position, be it white collared or blue collared. The program would be oriented in such a manner that a person would have more job options. The website tires to incorporate a new idea in approaching an interview board by handing over the Secret Document to the employer. The document must state a few things like the name of the interviewee and some lines like “it was nice to meet you”. These words compel the employer to think otherwise and start viewing the concerned candidate as a potential employee of the organization. This changed approach induces a change in the thought process of the person who is conducting the interview and the chances of success of the candidate increases. The website offers plenty books and CD ROMs based on its concept “WOW…You’re hired”. They include WOW! Audio, WOW! Audio Transcripts WOW! Secret Documents fill in the blank template, WOW! Six Secret Career Document Samples and WOW! Top 10 Tips. The cost of this package is $79 which is a one time payment. Logon to the website and create your own 'Secret Career Document' To Land Any Job You Desire In The Next 27 Days… Guaranteed!

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